Another Relative Crawls out of the D Closet

My mom phoned my grandmother to wish her merry Christmas. We don’t have much to do with that side of the family, since the divorce. But, that is where the D-genes come from. My mom was telling her about how I’m not diabetic any more, and my gran mentioned that I have an aunt with D too.

So that would make it:
with D in South Africa.

In Ireland, my grandfather’s brothers. In Canada, two aunts and a cousin (I think, I get vague here).

So, although my D has officially passed, I suspect it’s a matter of time before T2 hits. I guess I’d better live a preventative lifestyle now, while I can, and wait for the future. I’ve done D before though, and I can do it again, so I’m not too scared. But I am going to make the most of my time now, while I have it!

Megan -
Diabetes has a firm grip on my family tree. 4 t1’s in my immediate family, plus a nephew, a oousin, two Aunts, and a Grandmother.

Same here, on my dad’s side: he had T2, most of his brothers and sisters have T2. Both his parents had diabetes: I haven’t yet established whether it was type 1 or type 2.