Another step

It’s incredible how quickly kids pick things up. Yesterday morning as we were getting up, Eric was puttering around my bedroom getting into everything. I looked around and there he was on the floor next to the bed with his glucose meter kit in his hand. He’d unzipped it and had the lancet device—the “poker” (what do you call that thing, anyway?)—in his hand. He was holding it to his finger and trying to make it do its thing, with a look of intense concentration on his face. I showed him how to “arm” it and how to press the button, then gave it back to him. He armed it, put it against his finger, pressed the button, and looked up at me with a triumphant grin. Of course, we praised him to the skies… and then quickly put a test strip in the meter and took his BG because, after all, we needed to know where he was at and why waste a perfectly good drop of blood? No point in poking the poor kid again when he’d already done it himself, and we wanted him to know that his ability to do this is a GOOD thing.

But I’m really amazed at him. He clearly understands what he needs to do and has no problem doing it, which means he’s a step ahead of me—I can’t quite bring myself to use the lancet on my own finger. Next step, I guess, is teaching him how to read the meter (he’s in process of learning his numbers anyway).

By the way, we’re going back to the endo on Tuesday for another HbA1c, to see how well the new insulin regime is controlling his BG. It’s only been a month but I’m hoping we’ll see good progress. He’s been in a pretty good range lately.

Wow. He is truly amazing.

This post brought tears to my eyes again… he is constantly giving you signs that he will be OK. What a blessing!

How adorable…and surprising. What an intelligent one. By the way, what was his number? Did he do that because he thought he was low? Hee hee. You never know. Most kids are so precocious nowadays!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

He wasn’t low. He was at 135, right where we wanted him to be. But our routine is that he gets tested first thing in the morning, right after I change his diaper and get him dressed, and I had just said to him that it was time to get dressed so I guess he was just getting a jump on the day.

After I tested him, I showed him the meter and said “1-3-5, that’s a GOOD number!” He just grinned. Then he took the (used) strip out of the meter and played with it, trying to put it back in. He got it in right-side-in so I think he’s been observing that, too. He’ll be testing himself before we even know it.