Another swim

I swam 1 km tonight.

Accidentally did a full bolus for dinner, even though I'd intended to reduce it. So before swimming I ate 20g of carbohydrates with no bolus. I didn't reduce my basal at all.

BG was 8.8 (158) before starting, and 4.7 (85) after finishing; it took me 35 minutes to swim the 1 km (mix of freestyle and backstroke).

I messed up with the bus schedule so had to wait an hour for the bus. Luckily I had a book. So an hour and a half after exercise I'd risen to 9.4 (169) without eating.

Next time I think I'll try bolusing a unit after I finish. At least this time I didn't spike nearly as high as I have before, but probably also because I ended lower.

thats an alright finish!

Good Job Jen! Keep up the good work.

My readings tend to drop 45-50 after 30 minutes of swimming. I do 3 x 300 with an extra 100 for a cool down. This coming hockey off season, I'll be back at the kettlebell three days a week trying to put on more muscle. Hopefully, the increased muscle mass will pull even more glucose out of my blood stream and lower my insulin resistance even more. Combining aerobic and resistance training is the way to go for getting the maximum benefit for BG control. Good work Jen.

Awesome job! It's great to see you making huge progress really quickly. I will anticipate a huge finish for Canada in Rio!

Is that your best report ever? I like reading your detailed reports but don't recall one being so flat, over a lengthy period like that? Which makes doing it while swimming awesome!