Another t1d newby


Tresiba (insulin degludec) has been in common use in Europe for some time, but was prevented from entering the United States by the FDA for several years. Now that it is available, Americans are discovering what Europeans already knew: it just plain works better for the majority of people. Smoother action, easier to manage . . . etc.


No access to hospital is no big deal. Glucagon kit would not be a bad idea.

Keeping insulin in a shirt near your body to keep it warm is a good idea. It’s not too warm there at least for a few days at a time. Glucose meters don’t work when super cold either, so keep them close to your body too.


Tim’s post made me think of something else too. Cold fingers don’t bleed very well. Warm up your finger tips before doing a blood test, or else you might have to squeeze like crazy to get a drop of blood.

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