Another thing to let go... guilt

Dear guys, I’m still thinking a lot about my attitude towards d, and I think letting go guilt is the next step to go!
Letting go sweets is working out well… I still enjoy cake when I’m at a birthday party, but I don’t think about it in my everyday life so often anymore. I just gave up the fight if I should eat it or not and started to think about something else. It’s not forbidden, but I don’t need it as well! This really feels great, and I hope to keep it that way : )

Well, now I’ve found out how guilty I still feel because I’ve been treating my body in a bad way for so many years… And I still feel not worth being healthy. It’s not what I THINK, but it’s a little feeling underlying everything I do.
So, I want to let it go! :slight_smile:
It’s like getting rid of old feelings, step by step- Have you been feeling like this as well?

When I’m deciding aspects of my therapy because I feel guilty (i:e. correcting agressively because I’ve eaten to much, or eating lots of glucose because I’m angry that I’ve forgotten to switch my basis during sports), it’s always the wrong point to start from. I think it’s better to have compassion with myself and decide from a caring and friendly standpoint. That’s something different than not considering my mistakes at all, which was my other extreme.

But I think, it’s getting better from day to day! Maybe these are no a typical diabetes problems, but aspects of my personality- But if anyone of you outthere is going through the same I’m glad to here of you!

And once again, it’s nice to be here : ) Just sharing this helps me so much to really live it and makes me feel much more comfortable with my d… :slight_smile:

All the best, Astrid.

I feel alot of guilt to, but not from the eating or messing up. I feel guilty about not being able to be well somedays. I feel like no one believes how hard this is. I feel like people are judging me all of the time. It’s really hard. I’m glad you’re figuring things out. That’s the first step.