Another tough decision

I went and saw my gyno for a 3 month check up since I had surgery to have pre cancerous cells removed from my cervix. I have been fighting from getting cervical cancer for 6 years. I have had numerous surgeries on my cervix to get the cells. My gyno has now told me that my cervical wall is to thin anymore. There is a 5% chance I can get pregnant, 85% the baby can be carried to full term and a15% there will be a miscarriage. Not to mention the damage my body can do from the diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. I want kids more than anything in the world, but it just doesn’t seem possible. Here I am at 31 trying to decide to have a total hysterectomy or not to and hope I can get pregnant and that the baby will be healthy and that I will not have cancer.

lays my head down and cries Why do I have to make this decision at 31.

Dear Cody, I’m so sorry to hear that you are facing this! I will be praying for you… what a difficult decision… if you need someone to talk to, let me know!

Cody…what a tough thing to go through. Can you get a second opinion? Is there information on your situation that can be researched…maybe there are more options… non-traditional routes to pregnancy, treatment for an incompetent cervix during pregnancy?Surely others have gone through this. Can you find them? Just keep on doing all you can do to remain healthy…take care of yourself.

If I don’t go through with the hysterectomy, then I will end up with cervical cancer in the end. They just can’t predict when I will. I have known this for about 6 years that it will be coming. More than one gyno has told me that I am putting the baby and myself at risk if I do get pregnant with my health problems. I am going to go through with this, but I do not know when yet. I will find out more information next week when the results of my pap smear come back. I am just tired of facing health problems all the time. It is taking a toll on me emotionally trying to deal with all of this. I do appreciate everyone’s support in here, it has helped me a lot to know that I have a place I can come vent.

Vent away, Cody…you know we will all be thinking of you.
PS…I have 2 dear friends who adopted, one a beautiful little girl from China, at 48, and the other, at 52, a precious little angel from Peru. Just sayin…

Not to take away from how hard the decision that gets you to that point is.

I have been thinking about adoption and have known for a while that is my only way of getting a child. Maybe I can adopt one that has diabetes because I know how much that diagnosis scares people because it is unknown, but being a diabetic at least I would know the triails they would go through. And btw I am getting back in college starting end of this month getting a bachelors in nutrition science with an emphasis in dietics and going to try to get my CDE.

Cody-- I also would like to adopt a child with diabetes! I haven’t yet found an agency working especially for diabetic kids-- maybe we can start one someday!!! :slight_smile: Anyway there are plenty of diabetic kids who could really benefit from a home with someone who knows how to take care of them well!

I think that’s awesome that you are going to study nutrition science— please share the new things that you learn! It would help us all!

Yes! What lucky little children they would be!

I also think Cody as a CDE or some sort of Diabetes focused nutritionist would be awesome.