Another Trivia Question

1 in 4 women carry these in their purses.

What is it?

Their Husband’s Leash

HAHAH love it!

feminine hygiene products?

I’ll bite … what? I guess I’m not of humor today, I can’t even imagine!! (I don’t carry a purse anymore.)

Lois La Rose

Evil !!! :wink:

Laughing, I would be up all night!!!

freestyle lite meter, cell phone, hearing aid batteries, 2 packs of glucoburst, 100% apple juice box 4 oz, wallet, car keys, hand sanitizer, paradigm wallet card with directions where my emergency stuff is, extra pump battery, pacifier no clue how this got in there, epi-pen.

Good one Renee

ding, ding, ding, calculator it is !!!

OMG! I would never have guessed! I don’t carry one of these even in my backpack. Of course, I don’t do my checkbook away from home.

Lois La Rose

No calculator for me either.