Another update

Thanks for all of the kind messages left on my past 2 blog entries. I worked nearly every day last week, which kept me busy but entirely too tired to post/respond to anything else on here. The only day I had off was spent with my boyfriend's dog and grandmother.

The boyfriend is still doing well and is in really good spirits. His treatment plan has just changed because he had a bad reaction to one of the chemo drugs this past Friday after the second time he got it.

Unfortunately, this means he goes from a regimen geared towards children with this form of leukemia to a more adult one, which will end up including a bone marrow transplant. The doctors are still really confident that he will beat this and that he will be able to find a match and everything. He will be at the end of this chemo cycle in about 2 weeks, and will then begin the next phase 2 weeks after that. It sounds like the bone marrow transplant donor search would begin then. Hopefully one of his parents will be a match, he doesn't have any siblings, and it sounds like cousins/other relatives aren't too close of a match typically. I wish I could at least see if I am a match but apparently being a type 1 diabetic prohibits me from being a donor.

Apparently this will probably make him sterile, which has been hard for him and his family to deal with. I had no idea bone marrow transplants did that. It's just a lot to take in for everyone.

So, his parents want the dog to live with me for the weeks between his Grandma leaving and his uncle coming to live in their house. My mom is completely resistant to the idea (not much of a pet person), and I'm really not sure how to go about this. I hate that I'm almost 24 and I have to ask for permission to help my boyfriend (and doggie!) out. Anyways, any ideas?

First of all, kudos to you for being sane in the midst of all this.
With today's technology, if your boyfriend and his family are upset at the idea that a bone marrow transplant will leave him sterile, why not have his sperm frozen at a sperm bank for later use. It's not uncommon and I'm surprised that his medical team hasn't offered that option to alleviate that stressor.
Is there a friend who could take the dog for a few weeks? (I recognize that your mom isn't going to move out while the dog moves in with you...)
This is a lot to go through. Have you or your boyfriend been able to reach out to a support group in your area to help with the emotional side of things? Can his doctor recommend a support group?
Wishing you a little peace!

Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about you. I thought immediately about freezing his sperm, too. I know someone who beat Lukemia, so keep positive!