Answering renee

Renee I can’t speak for all the others here but it has been really hard batteling the lows and getting the weight off. It even got worse when the Drs told me that was the reason I was falling so low and since I had lost down to 128 leave it alone and try gaining some weight back!!! UGH!!!

sigh… I’m not type 1; but still having trouble with weight loss. I’m on Byetta which assisted me in losing a few pounds. Then, I’ve had some other stress and it definitely shows up in my weight in a yucky way. My numbers both weight and bs are on an upward slide. I need to bring it back down. ( May I blame it on holidays? :ppppp)

Go ahead that’s what I’ve done more than once in my life!!!

Hmmm…I have lost five pounds! But…low blood sugars have followed everytime I exercise…even when I am only doing easy routines. This stuff is tough!