Anthem BCBS review?

My insurance is Anthem Mediblue PPO. My Endo wants me to switch to the Dexcom G5 which is covered. I called the Anthem people today and I was told that I do meet the requirements, but they are making a 13-day review of my case?
Does anyone know what this means? Should I refill my current FreeStyle Libre while waiting for this review?
Thank you in advance for advice,

Can you ask them?

I have Anthem, and haven’t had any unusually long waiting periods like that. Usually it is a few days tops, but sometimes for big things like a new pump or just starting something like a CGM it can take a bit longer. It really shouldn’t take very long for them to review it, and no reason why they would need to reject it.

Now this being said, I live in a different state than where my plan originates from, so a lot of things are dictated by the local non-Anthem BCBS company, so I have no idea how anything is decided, and sometimes places mess up because they are going by what the local plans are and not what plan I have.

Nothing to worry about, unless they decline it. They just follow their process. I had to wait through it also. Just call them on day 13 or whenever it has passed.

If you have hit your deductible and it won’t cost too much, you might as well fill it and then you would have some backup. For occasions like if your transmitter dies and you have to wait for a replacement, or other stuff like that happens.

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Thank you so much for the encouraging news :grinning:

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Thank you :blush:

Yep, I did :wink: