Anti GAD results


About 2 years ago (26 Years old and thin), I was diagnosed (during a random check up) with high blood sugar - Fasting was around 8 mml.

During another consultation it was around 14 mml about 2hrs after lunch and my HBA1C was 6.1

My GP advise that I went on a low carb diet and exercise.

My blood sugar was in normal rather until beginning of year where it was around 20-22 mml. Again my GP said I should restrict my carbs even more.

Since I wanted another advise, I went to another doctor - fasting blood sugar was 19 mml. He put me on insulin straight away saying that I was type 1.

Still not happy with the diagnostic and insulin (novomix), I consulted an endo who asked to do several tests before she could correctly diagnosed me.

A few came back:

C peptide - 0.15 ug/l (0.049 pmol/ml)
Anti - GAD (Elisa) >2000 u/ml
Langerhans’ Islet Anti-bodies cames back negative - (<5 u/ml)

Could the Anti-GAD mean anything more serious? Since the normal amount would be (<5 u/ml).

That C-Peptide looks very low.

Also that GAD65 is high. Obviously I’m not an expert but based on the limited info you provided I would say you might be a LADA (Type 1) diabetic. Meaning your immune system is killing off your beta cells that produce insulin. It seems when you get this as an adult the process of losing beta cells is often slower.

I hope your doctor and provide you an accurate diagnosis soon. I think the fact your seeing an end is a good sign they will be able to diagnose you must better then a general practitioner.

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Sorry, I know it’s not what you want to hear, but a positive on a GAD test is a sign of type 1, it’s has a negative or positive result? You also have a low C Peptide which is also a sign of type 1.

“If GAD or any of the other autoantibodies are found, it means you most likely have type 1 diabetes. If no GAD or other autoantibodies are found, you probably have type 2.”

This is the "normal range for C-peptide and the reasons for the test.