Antibiotics and CGM

Has anyone experienced antibiotics messing up their Dexcom CGM readings???

My sensor was working fine until I started taking antibiotics for a root canal. Since taking the antibiotics my sensor has been WAY off on readings, even giving me several sensor errors (Err1).

I’ll call Dexcom and report a bad sensor, but was wondering if the antibiotics are to blame before I give them a call.


Interesting. My daughter started antibiotics on Monday evening…yesterday I was on the phone with Dex for two issues we’ve been having and one was more so with this last sensor than the rest…the numbers have been waaaaay off! My daughter was running high because of a sinus infection so she was put on the antibiotics and yesterday morning the Dexie was sayin 400+! She was around 300, but not 400. I was thinking it was the shower that messed it up. I’ve read so many different theories on the Dex for bathing/swimming that we’re trying them all. Well…her sensor was wet after her shower on Tuesday and by Tuesday night I couldn’t trust it at all. Dex said if water gets in the sensor you can get false highs but for our other issue they are sending a replacement (adhesive not holding for more than 48hours even without a shower and then fell out with a clothing change). We started a new sensor last night and since noon today it’s been very accurate, and we’re on day four of the antibiotics (amoxicillian).