Antioxidants ? Friend or Foe. I'm confused

In the last 3 months in the media I’ve seen two sets of conflicting data.
One researcher says if you take anti-oxidants this leads to insulin resistance (well at least the BG in a few mice said so).
Yet another researcher says that high anti-oxidant juices (such as purple carrot juice) reverses obesity and diabetes (insulin resistance) in a few mice presumably by DECREASING insulin resistance.
I hate it in medical research when its always the obvious case of BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET!

What do you think? Anti-oxidants, friend or foe?
In days gone by it was thought anti-oxidants mopped up free radicals generated through normal metabolism, and therefore prolonged your life a bit (if you believe the aging theory that free radicals causing so much damage to your tissues and organs).
Do you still take anti-oxidant supplements? Which one? Vit C, Vit E, Acai berries, selenium, purple carrot juice, cocoa powder?

I take vit c and cocoa powder.

However if insulin resistance is caused by some infecting agent then free radicals might be good as ammo. I am really perplexed by this. Seem to be some evidence that vit C and E not good for insulin resistance.