Anxiety over changing Omnipod site


I have a close to 4 year old son with T1 and we put him on Ominpod about a month ago. So far, despite fine tuning the basal and carb Insulin ratio to smooth out his highs and lows, the pod is working out great. He is very active and not having a tube to worry about is awesome. However, a problem has cropped up that I wanted to see if anyone out there had experience with and might have advice they can pass on. For the last two weeks, our son has been fixated on when his pod is going to be changed. We change pods every three days and when it is time to change the pod he freaks out. Then, for the next three days he asks constantly when we are going to change his pod again. We have asked him what he is scared of and he says it's the clicking when the canula is inserted. He also says it hurts, which I am sure it does but he said the same of the shots. After the canula is inserted and he is wearing the pod he is fine, except for asking when we are changing it again. To lessen the sound of the clicking, we have sang to him, put headphones on him, had him watch his favorite shows on TV but nothing seems to work. He is so scared of the clicking that he shakes. Any suggestions from others out there on how to overcome this? I don't want him to be constantly scared of the pod. If this keeps up, we may have to go back to shots and that would be a step back for us. Thanks.

Do you use an alcohol swab? I’ve found that if I don’t wait long enough for it to dry then it stings and is much more painful. I swab now before even starting the change process so by the time it comes to insert the cannula it is much more tolerable.

I think it is just our kids. My daughter was diagnosed seven months ago and started wearing the pod four months ago (she was four at dx now is five ). She does the same thing still. It does not make a difference what I do. It’s a mental hang up for them that perhaps they will outgrow as they get older. I tell her in the days leading up to the change not to worry about it because it is not happening now. I try to calm her during the pod change and comfort her afterwards and then just move on. Much like any other fear that a child might experience we are just going to have to hang tough with them. As far as the sensation on having the pod inserted, I have tried it (filling it with water and then deactivating and removing it once it has inserted). It does pinch a little. Since they have no real concept of time, it would probably be the same for you as someone kept randomly coming over and pinching you hard. You would probably develop some anxiety too about when the next pinch would come.

As an adult who uses the Omnipods the clicking bothers me too! I've found that it helps to count them. The cannula usually deploys around click 3. I get really nervous if it goes above that though! It's distressing but a short period of time. Maybe some sort of positive reinforcement for every click? You get 1 extra minute before bedtime or 1 M&M or something for each click? Just a thought.

I wonder if you could "reframe" the clicking sound. For example, some physical therapists say that the discomfort you might be feeling during stretching/exercise is the pain leaving your body. Maybe suggest that the clicking is a special message that means everything is working perfectly,that you can't wait to hear that lovely clicking message because it makes you so happy etc. etc. The reframing has to have some basic element of truth in it so that you can speak sincerely.
You have so much to deal with...Good luck.

U can try Emla gel or numbing agents like u use for tooth pain. Try them a little while before u do the change check the directions on each to see how long it takes before it works or try the anistethic on yourself first to test the timing.

I love the video on YouTube with the little and her mom and dad that demonstrate a pod change. She is a trooper thru the whole thing, then when the clicking starts, mom starts to tickle her. The canula is inserted and she instantly stops and makes a face... but doesnt want anyone to realize it hurt a little. Priceless.