Any advice for a new Dexcom G4 user?

Hello to all you amazing type 1's!

My 13 year old son just got approved for a Dexcom G4. We should be getting it in about a week.

I can't express enough how excited we are about finally getting this device. Life is about to get a lot more manageable.

He currently uses an Animas Ping pump. He was diagnosed almost a year ago.

Does anyone have any advice or tips that they would like to share with us about the Dexcom CGM?

Should I order some sort of an adhesive to put on it to hold it on? My son is a very active boy. Tagaderm irritates his skin and turns it red after a few hours (and remains red for a day), so that won't work.

Thank you for any and all advise and tips for using the CGM.



Debbie, congratulations on getting the G4. I have used mine for almost a year now and no day goes by I am not thankful for it. After 3 months I wrote a blog about it you can find it here :
I hope some of this information helps. If you have any specific questions please feel free to send me a message.

I am very active, sports and workouts. I would assumed a 13 year old would be as well. I wear my Dexcom on my tricep and I use one of these to keep it protected during any sports activity. I also use a tegaderm patch ( to keep it water proof and stick longer. The tegaderm helps particularly well when I sweat a lot.

Congrats! It's by far the best addition to a type-1's arsenal.

Debbie, I've only had mine for about 6 weeks now. The first month went smooth, but for some reason, this newest box of sensors has not been acting appropriately. I went through two and and started on the third within a week before I called Dexcom customer support. My advice is don't wait to call until after several incorrect things. Call immediately! They actually want to know right away and don't consider you to be a "complainer". The guy I talked to was so helpful and asked me to do certain things to test it for 45 minutes and told me to call him back with results. I did and now he is sending me two new sensors at no charge to replace the two wacky ones. Also, I tend to be a control freak and want it to read EXACTLY what my meter does. That just isn't going to happen! lol It is the best for alarming for quickly approaching highs or lows, especially during the night or while exercising/sports. I love it and I'm so glad your son is able to get one. Congrats!

Here is a useful thread for new G4 users:

I hope you love it as much as I do!