Any advice for switching to tube pump from omnipod?

I never have used a tube system so kinda nervous over how to transition to trying it now that I have this tslim x2.
I tend to side sleep shifting from one side to the other atleast 4 to 5 times during the night if not more so the whole idea of using a tube is daunting as I am worried about tangling the tube up so any advice on how to relax and have a stress free night or atleast as stress free as possible as I want to give this a fair shot.

I was worried about that when I first started using a (tubed) pump, and it hasn’t really been an issue. Generally I sleep wearing a pocket-Tshirt, and keep my pump in the pocket. I’m not even aware of it when I roll over. Sometimes it falls out of the pocket but it’s pretty much second nature to notice and put it back without fully waking up, or even if I don’t put it back, not much happens.

I love my T slim. I also sleep on my sides. I don’t have any trouble but I did change to wearing underwear with a wide elastic band that supports the pump.
A pump takes more time to set up at first but it is so much easier when you are out. I never liked giving myself a shot in a restaurant. Now no one knows what I’m doing. It’s super easy to just give a correction when you need one.

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Some people say you get much more variable insulin delivery on a tubed pump. See: The siphoning study. So, just something to be aware of…particularly if you take lower dosages of insulin.

I echo @Linda5 ‘s game plan. Clip the pump to my undies and call it a day. I rarely if ever have a tubing issue at night. I also charge at night with a 10’ USB cord with no issues, and I’m a crocodile sleeper.

I switch positions frequently as well. I find it most comfortable to sleep with my pump floating in bed, off to my side, so I don’t roll over onto it. I haven’t had issues with it getting tangled. If needed, I somehow manage to move my pump in my sleep.

The LEAST problem I have with using a tubed pump is what to do with it when sleeping. Simply clip it to your underwear. If you sleep nude, GET A SPI BELT. Problem solved 100%.

I wear gym shorts as my sleep attire because they give me a strong waist band to attach my pump to. I also wear an undershirt to protect the tubing. Tubing under clothing is less susceptible to entanglement.

I have never had a problem when my pump becomes un-clipped, it tends to roll with me. I have problems with my back and hips that cause me to turn frequently. Keeping my pump attached really isn’t an issue.

I am also a toss and turn kinda sleeper and have always had a tubed pump. I just hook it to my pjs and go to sleep. Once in awhile it might slip off but never had any issues.
And fun side note, early on, there was no quick disconnect on the infusion sites, so lovemaking was always fun. Tubes getting tangled, having to shift, move, roll a different way etc. Thank goodness for the quick disconnect now!

I sleep in the buff and the best thing has been LONG tubing. I used the shorter tubing for years, but once I got the long one (like 42" or whatever) it has been a game-changer. It makes it easier to change clothes, go to the bathroom, etc. If you have the shorter one, try the longer one! (See if they can send you a sample.)

I love my Tandem pump. It’s so worth it.

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I was also a huge fan of the longer 42” tube but when Tandem started doing their own infusion sets, they discontinued the 42” metal infusion sites, so I had to switch to the shorter 32”. It’s ok but sometimes when using my thigh and trying to put the pump in my bra (wearing a dress), it is a struggle. I would sure love that longer length to come back.

I’ve never done the steel needle, but I wonder why they wouldn’t let you use a longer length for that! Odd.

Drives me nuts. I called every week asking for the longer tubing and asked all the people I knew who used a Tandem to call and ask for the longer tube. But I guess us long tubers are not a big group so not worth it from a production standpoint. They always say change is good and I have adapted but really, really hate using my leg now. Tube is just not long enough. There is not as much give in the length for those handles that sometimes get in my way!

Well I found a way to cope I bought this fabric like running belt called a flipbelt for the waist and it has plenty of pockets and I’ve been putting it in the front one.
I’m glad I found it though because I tried sleeping with it in a shirt pocket and it just felt too heavy for me.

I am a male. I originally had a Medtronic mini med, switched to an Animas Vibe and am now using tslim x2. I begin sleeping on my back and wake after awhile and find myself on my left side and then after awhile I re-awaken on my right side. I use a 23" inset. I wear a pocketed t shirt inside out to sleep in and put the pump inside the pocket, as this moves the pocket to my right side. Maybe once every 2 months I find the pump outside my pocket. I wear double breasted, buttoned, pocketed shirts during the day, as I bend over a lot and got tired of catching my pump. when I wear my inset on my left side, I put my pump in my right breast pocket. When I use the inset on my right side I use the left breast pocket and wear my sleeping t-shirt right side out as the pocket is then on my left. This system has worked for me for 15 plus years. The shorter tubing means less loss of insulin when refilling my pump reservoir. The switching sides allows the tubing to cross my body and not feel too tangled. I used to velcro my sleep shirt pocket shut, with the pump enclosed, but it became a two handed situation to remove the pump at night. BUT! We all find the best way to use our pumps via trial and error. I am pretty sure my method would not work well on a woman, as my wife gets very irritated at the seat belt height across her chest.

Another tosser/and/turner here. I wear nightgowns, and clip the pump to the front top of the nightgown. Even when I sleep on my stomach, it doesn’t bother me. And, of course, tucking tubing into something is what keeps it from tangling. At night, tubing is tucked under the nightgown; daytime it’s tucked into my pants, and the pump is either in my pocket or clipped to the waistband. Have never had a problem with tangled tubing (great name for a rock band, huh?)