Any Advice?

Well, finally got my results ! Took quite a while , but he said everything was normal . He said that it could possibly be me exercising . Because , to be honest with you , before I was diagnosed , I did absolutely no exercise . So , may be that could be the case . He said he was gonna keep an eye on it . But here lately haven't even been having any pains . But so yeah , everything is good . Thanks for all your guys' support , and God bless you. (:

I've been sorting through your emails and I'm sorry if I didn't see it. Have you been diagnosed with Type one or two? If you are still losing weight and your numbers are that high you are probably type one. What insulin are you taking?, When and how much? What are you eating? What happens to your sugars when you exercise? I was misdiagnosed as type two when I first started this.(Diagnosed 3 months ago) I had similar issues with being cold and circulation. Your body is adjusting to the new lower levels. You are not a hypochondriac at all.

I’m glad your feeling better and not having any pains, but I’d be a bit skeptical of the “nothing’s wrong” diagnosos. That just means that nothing was discovered in the tests that your doctor did. I’m not saying your doctor isn’t a good one, just that he was unable to find the root cause of what is ailing you; but you know your body better than anyone and can tell better than anyone if something’s not right. My wife has a similar case (skin flare-ups, extremely painful when it happens, no diabetes with her) and no doctor has been able to diagnose the cause; they all say everything’s normal. So she continues to take something to treat the symptom, but it would be nice if someone could figure out what was wrong.

In any event, you seem to feel good now, so enjoy it. But if it comes back, it’s an indication that you should get further evaluation.

You know thats the best news I have heard today, I have been wondering how you were doing.

I'm type 2 , my sugar levels stay only in the double digits. They go down as I exercise. They go up as I eat. And I take Metaformin , I think that's how you spell it. I take 500mg twice daily. I eat healthy , but every now and then I splurge , even though I shouldn't. When I first found out I was diabetic my sugar level was over 200 , but I just ate a VERY unhealthy meal. And I drank the night before, don't know if that has anything to do with it. But my sugar level is about 60 in the morning before I eat , and after I eat , the highest I've seen in was 109. My counselor and family doctor is very confident in me , because I have become a real health nut, Being as I'm only 23 and have Diabetes , I want to take care of the issues now so I don't have many down the road as I get older. I exercise daily , and mostly eat healthy, as I said, I have a few slip ups every now and then. But I always work harder on my work outs. My weight loss has slowed down a bit , but I've lost 54 so far. I told my doctor I want to loose 50 more. But I'm on my way , slowly but surely ! My mother said the pains were possibly from me exercising cause I never exercised in my life, until I was diagnosed.

Hmmmm....60 is technically a low, Normal is 83 for a non-diabetic. Up to only 109 after eating a meal with carbs wouldn't make you a type one, needs to higher for sure. I still think you should see an Endocrinologist, not just a family doctor to address your numbers, etc... When I was diagnosed my fasting BG was 358 and later when I would eat carbs it would go back up to the 200's. Before I found out I was D, I was losing 1-2 pounds a week and I was exercising a ton. I thought I was just losing from the exercise, but it was really that I had D. So you mentioning your weight loss and high numbers made me think you were type one. Keep up the exercise, it helps so much and make sure you are stretching to prevent injuries. Good luck!!

I so agree with the other poster, 60 is pretty low and should be avoided. Some type 2s were hypoglcemics before being dx type 2. It is also a pancreatic issue and function of the system. Your numbers after eating are great, congrats on your hard work but be careful not to go into the 60s often.