Any Allie's Voice Subscribers? She gets me so rialed up (and I mean that in a good way)!

(I know she is on this group, so please pipe in) I posted this question to the CWD site and got basically no response. I am hoping to have a spirited discussion so maybe this is the place to do it. The last couple of blogs have really got me feeling guilty, angry and helpless. The idea that I am giving my son medication that could be very detrimental to his health is making me uneasy. Obviously he has to have it…that is a given. But the fact that there are no other options makes me feel so helpless. I am not a overbearing mom. I let him eat a normal american diet. I make no restrictions on carb intake, hence he has a TDD of around 40 units (he is 10). At some point I decided I would rather him have real sugar than sugar substitues as I thought it was a better choice. Now with the ingredients of insulin being discussed, maybe having sugar free options when available is the better of two evils, trying to lower the TDD to as low as possible. I am already thinking I will switch from Humalog to Novalog at the next pharmacy visit.

I just want to have a real discussion on how everyone feels about Allie’s blog. What are your concerns? How does it feel to know that these are the only insulins your children or yourself have to choose from?

Obviously, if you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about and are interested, go check out

Allie, if you are reading this, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Allie is top of the line. I get her RSS feed to my email and enjoy hearing everything she has to say. Keep up the good work, Allie.,Jeff

I think there is a problem with the way phamaceuticals are developed and marketed. Being a big 'ol socialist, I’d rather see our (in Canada) govt be more involved with development, and have a universal pharmacare program - I think if pharmacuticals are developed for the medical needs with less or no corporate drive (where, like it or not, the bottom line is making profit for the shareholders), then we can have a more coordinated and effiecient delivery of medication for much less cost to the patient. Anyways, that’s my $.02 on that.

I have a great doctor. She and I work as partners in my diabetes care, with me in the driver’s seat on treatment. It works really, really well. I’ve tried out various types of insulin and various insulin therapies until I found what worked best for me - and I’m always finding ways to fine-tune my therapy and/or to find flexibility with it. So I don’t get too hung up on some of the concerns Allie’sVoice talks about - for me it’s what give me the results. I hate, hate, hate NPH, not because of ingredients in it but because of the stupid freakin’ peaks that forced me to live my live around my insulin rather than the other way around. I love Humolog and would probably enjoy Novolog just as much for the flexilbility it gives me to bolus for my meals when I feel like eating, and for as much as I feel like eating. Now that I use a pump, there’s even more flexibility.

Re your son’s TDD - I think you’re doing the right thing in eating a ‘normal’ diet. It’s always nice to find ways of lowering one’s TDD, however, the bottom line is always good glucose control whether one eats few or many carbs.

I guess I need to add that I am a total Allie supporter. It has been brought to my attention that this post reads poorly. That I may have a problem with Allie. I love Allie! I think her work and blog is cutting edge and eye opening. I am shocked that others have seen my post as anything other than that. I am simply asking for a discussion.

Sitting here in complete shock…

I guess it is my title that is questionable…how is “rialed” a bad thing? Oh and I guess I am being sensored now as my last post to this was removed.

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Hi, Michelle,
I’m glad you posted this as I had not seen Allie’s blog. I found it really worrying, particularly as I am already a cancer survivor. I have used regular insulin in the past and have now gone back to it, even though Novolog is more convenient. I really appreciate the people who do this research. In the end, we all have to make compromises but it is so frustrating that the drug companies won’t give us the information we need to make our own decisions. I could really relate to your feelings about your son. Mine has chronic asthma and is now 21 so manages his diet and medications by himself. He now chooses to limit dairy and eat a very healthy diet, but when he was a child we had a lot of criticism for not being more restrictive. We chose to let him have as normal a childhood as possible which meant a regular diet, skiing, soccer and his own dog (we did get a standard poodle but his doctor disapproved anyway.) So much contact with his triggers meant more medication to keep his asthma under control, including inhaled steroids, which can have long term damaging effects. We walk a tightrope with our kids trying to do what’s best for their whole life, not just in managing a chronic disease. Good luck with your boy, you sound like a great mom!

Thank you for the support. It is nice to hear it. Us underpaid stay at home mom’s need to hear it sometimes! It goes a long way with us. You made my day! I too have those hopes that one day Westin will make the decision to make better choices. He also has celiac and asthma…though the asthma only comes up with colds, so no daily meds there.

I think what I have decided to do is make as many little changes as I can to do as little damage possible. Like choicing the better of two evils.

I believe in science, but money gets in the way of that science.

I liked her the very first time I happened to be looking around on the internet. I believe she is right on the money. She is very technical and dooe lose a lot of people in that.

Technical is proof though. I try to keep up with her and become overwhelmed because I need to learn a lot more and don’t have the time. I did go to my primary doctor and did question the c-peptide issues. He couldn’t comment too much on it because I was just not prepared technically.

I know I had read that insulin caused issues with our circulatory systems in a Reader’s Digest at one point. (Many moons ago) I also read that diabetes may be caused by a virus (many moons ago). I certainly believe something is wrong and we as the general public with diabetes just don’t have all of the facts.

I think Allie is great and I just wish I had more time and patience to keep up with her.