Any answer

Many times I have seen that my post parindrial reding is less than my fasting glucose reading . Today my fasting glucose is 115 mg/dL and my PP reading is 111. i take the reading exactly after two hours of taking food. Can any one clarify this ?

It’s great that you blood sugar is so good after meals!! PP reading of 111 is great!!

The slightly higher reading in the morning could be related to dawn phenomenon. Many people experience a rise in their blood sugar in the morning.

Another point is that the meters we have are not 100% accurate.I tend to think that my meter measures accurately within 5 points. So the difference between 115 and 111 is actually quite small. And in my opinion, both of these numbers are great!

You don’t say if you’re on insulin or other meds or what you do to control your BG, which makes it hard to clarify anything.

  1. It’s probably not a bad thing. It means you are keeping very tight control. My understanding is that a post prandial reading within 50 points above your fasting is normal, even in non-diabetics.

  2. A difference of four points is insignificant. You can get a difference of four points if you take two fasting readings in a row or two post prandial readings in a row.

Ya, I’d chalk it up to normal margin or error. 4mg/dl in either direction is nothing.