Any "blood-letting" on Halloween?

Of course, we diabetics are certainly
“familiar”, (even sans a feline especially around & about Halloween), with

“blood-letting” as well as “letting-blood”
whenever our physicians / endocrinologists perform lab work & to even
greater extents when we participate in clinical research trials / studies
toward finding a cure for this deliriously dreaded disease.

To wit (perhaps not), at least this dreaded,
dilapidated & derelict “dabbler of the discourse” diabetic did not
unexpectedly receive a communiqué recently, {“typed-O- negative” –Ohhhhhhh!},
from, as addressed below, a medical research “institution” [indeed!] with
“satellite” units in Romania, requesting my participation in a, perhaps
“bloody-good” clinical research trial.

Dr. A Cula

Professor Emeritus of

University of Transylvania
Medical School

1313 Blood Artery

Eerie, PA 13131-3131

EEEEEE!-Mail: iwannanecku.calm

However, I am uncertain if I should share in
this study because of some familial; “blood-related” matters that may otherwise
contraindicate such involvement even if there but be a “ghost” of a chance,
e.g. –

/ emotionally I have a “psycho-Sis”

I’ve a
plethora of “spider veins”

a metabolically, diabolically condition

This is spooky! (Or should I
say - this prose is spooky!)

Nevertheless, towards a cause
for the cure, this writer would give his right (or left) arm to be

And of course, all of this I
write to you a good humor with & in “humerus veins”.

And so I “remain” (at ~ 5’10” above my
soulful soul) in my “remains”, here in
the “remains” of this day with LOL & LOL to all of you: Who, Whoo, Whoo?…but
“Whom? Is grammatically correct”, just me, just B. –Cheerio and with “Count
Chocula”- Boooooooooooo….ruce!