Any Boo-Balling, Monster-Mashing Diabetics Lurking Around This Haunted Castle?

Hi Everyone. Let’s assume we’ll all be good little campers and successfully navigate the treacherous landscape of Halloween Treats. What about those tricks? Favorite costumery? Parties you’ll attend (or avoid!). Favorite Halloween soundtracks and decorations? Scary movies? Any neighborhood or community traditions you cherish?

I have donned my Halloween walking togs this week—the black turtleneck, the orange fleece, the black and rust paisley wool shawl, an amusing but not quite witchy enough hat—old costume designers never retire, we just change venue. My fave from past lives I put together for a potential donors rich people’s 'Ween bash—A wildly painted unitard, my old Russian folk dancing boots and my waist length hair in many many braids with a wire in each braid so I could stick them out in weird shapes all over my head. Oh and I got out the stage make up and just went wild on my face.

Portland’s community radio station KBOO has an annual BOO Ball which I hear is much fun…

Yesterday I wore my orange socks with black spiders on them to my exercise group. The socks also have little bug-eyed spiders stuck on the side of each ankle. That’s my only Halloween costume.

No trick or treater has ever come to our house. The driveway is about 1/2 mile long and no kids live on the farms near us. Usually we buy some candy just in case, but this year I said, “No candy!”

I try to hide during Halloween! Like susan we live anout 1/2 mile off the road and we have only had my girls friends come up here to my house to trick or treat us so candy… well …no. My kids are now 19 and 17 so well let’s just say everybody’s too old for the candy thing. Now my granddaughter is going trick or treating for the 1st time this year. She turned 1 on October 13th. Well I have already told her parents that when they came to my house she would get an apple and orange. Getting her on a proper diet too early? Well then again she loves suckers right now so I know I’ll probaly get some just for her!

I guess I’m lucky: I can say no to candy much easier than to cookies and crackers. A couple weeks ago we had a pot-luncheon at work and in case I didn’t get my casserole made (I’m a terrible procrasinator), so I picked up two large bags of assorted candies. Sons have snagged their favorites out of them both, but I’ll take the rest to work next Wednesday (and I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, so no temptation for me). We’ve never been big on Halloween. We leave off our porch light, so we never have beggars treaters.I do have a habit of buying after the holiday for my own kids. LOL
Now, there were some rather fetching briefs, orange and black… hubby said, “Why did you buy those?” Is he getting old, or what?