Any DM-1's taking Vascepa?

My Endo just prescribed me Vascepa (fish oil drug) because of recent studies showing a great decline in heart issues if on this med. Though I think it was for people with VERY HIGH Trigs which I don’t have and I think it was DM2, not DM1. To note, I took Invokana also indicated for DM2 not 1 and ended up with Ketoacidosis and in the ER/Critical Care/Hospital for 3 days and them all doing a heart calth and other to me all because of that drug so i’m hesitant to take anything not indicated for exactly my condition. THOUGH fish oil drug seems at surface to be pretty safe.

(Note, you can see my other posts about the Ketoacidosis)

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I’m like you. I’m hesitant to take anything that I dont have to. I’m sure its fine, but with the lack of oversight on drug manufacturing, it always makes me nervous. There were just some warnings issued for supplements sold on Amazon. Dont buy those ones.