Any hope for the poor Africans who are diabetic?

IT is very sad that most of the people in the rural areas of Africa have no access to modern health care , some do not know what u call insulin , some who are even in the cities can not even afford the cost of the treatment .

Though i do know that majority of the people do use traditional medicines, like leaves, roots and herbs , some even consult traditonal healers , some get cured , some never ,yet the situation of the continent is getting worse everyday .

I have a friend that can not see properly due to diabetes , i have met an elderly woman who got blind due to diabetes(according to them).

What can we do to help these unfortuneate people not only in Africa but in Asia, South America etc

Have you heard of the program “Life for a Child,” sponsored by the International Diabetes Federation? They seek to get insulin to children in these countries through monetary donations. On November 14, the world celebrated World Diabetes Day, trying to promote awareness of these issues. Our community here has been a great supporter of this cause.