Any I-Port Users?

I was watching this video today and wondered how many people in the community use the I-Port.

If you are an I-Port user, consider joining the new I-Port Users Group, I just created.

I tried the i-port before I got the pump and i HATED it. They don’t come with any kind of inserter and I had a lot of trouble with cannulas bending and they were bulky. They stuck out a lot and you could tellI had one in over my clothes.

Totally cool! I hope she makes a ton of money.

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.

It’s perfect for insulin users who don’t like/want/can’t use a pump. I bet kids will like it, too. And so will their parents.

Interesting idea…

I think that it could be great for kids, but the pain of insulin injections never bothered me-- I think that the pain of inserting an i-port would not be worth it for me.

Especially since Cody pointed out that it must be inserted by hand. When I used to insert quickset (90 degree) infusion sets by hand, then I used to have lots of problems with the tubing bending. The i-port seems to insert another variable into diabetes management that people on MDI used to not need to worry about.

But if I had to chase a two year old around the room to give them shots, I think that my i-port order would be in already :slight_smile:

One thing that I am curious about— in another discussion that just came up again today, it seems that an unused infusion set can cause terrible infections because it lets bacteria and other things under the skin. Does the i-port have a way of preventing this sort of problem?

Honestly I think it would be easier to give the children an injection than the iport. I also had quite a bit of pain even after inserting the iport and there were many times i had to insert an iport in 5 or 6 times a day as the cannula was bending so bad. The iport doesn’t even have a cover to cover it. It is like an elastic piece you push the needle through. The other downfall was you never knew how deep the insulin was going or if it was just pooling there. There was no way to tell if the iport was in wrong and you weren’t getting insulin. Sometimes you could feel the pressure backing up in the syringe and then you would know you weren’t getting any insulin in your body. I tried them for a month with samples they sent me both the 6mm and the 9 mms and I just couldn’t handle it and I honestly can’t see a kid sitting still long enough to insert one. They were more of a pain than MDI’s and I was doing 8 shots a day then. Plus the Symlin and Humalog couldn’t be injected close together so I had to inject one in the port and then do the other in another place. And sometimes the needles were to long to go into the port.

Have been using I-Port for almost a year now and LOVE it. The company is presently working on an Inducer for the I-Port and I can not wait for it to be introduce. The I-Port is not as limiting as my pump was.

Hope it catches on.