Any Ideas Or Tips On How To Remove Site Less Painful?


I have been living with diabetes for almost 3yrs now and I have just started the pump. I have been using the Animas Ping for almost 2 weeks now and loving it!!! Though there is a part i'm not liking, and that's removing my site. Due to the fact my stomach has a lot of baby hairs, removing my site is a pain. My nurse told me not to shave due to the fact a ingrown hair can cause an infection and that is not good. She recommended a wipe, don't know the name of it, but she advised if i had asthma not to use. So I just use an alcohol wipe to damp it around the site, but still a pain to remove.

Does anyone have ideas or tips on how to remove a site painlessly or with very little pain???

Thank You and Have a Nice Day!!!

I try to change sites after I take a shower. The warm water seems to loosen up the glue. I am using Medtronic Quick-set.

Hello! Congratulation on becoming a pumper! Unisolve is what we use for my 8 year old daughter to remove the Omni Pod. I believe you can buy it online but our insurance covers it through the medical supply company that we receive pump supplies from. I have heard that baby oil works but have never tried it.

Yeah, I agree. I have noticed it too that the glue weakens with the water.

If citrus isn’t a problem for your asthma, Medi-sol wipes & De-solv-it are both citrus based. De-solv-it is in the cleaning products at Walmart. Medi-sol can be ordered online. Both are very easy on sensitive skin.

Easy. Swab the back of the adhesive patch with some Smith & Nephew Uni-Solve after you have disconnected from the pump. Let it work for a minute or two while you prep the new infusion set. The old set should come off with little effort. Once it's off, give the area another good swab with the Uni-Solve to remove any remaining adhesive gunk.

This stuff has a rather strong, solvent-like smell and a somewhat oily feel. I often swab the same area with an alcohol swab just to remove any of that oily residue. Those are very minor misgivings though. I'm using the Medtronic Quick-Sets and the adhesive on those is VERY good. This stuff breaks it down quickly and has not caused any rash or redness.

Use Baby Oil! Works like a charm. Put some on a towel or something and apply to the old sites adhesive. Wait a few minutes and it should peel right off without any pain.

I have used the unisolve wipes. Also any kind of oil would probably help loosen the adhesive (I've used olive oil to get remaining bits of it off).
Knowing how annoying and painful this is for you 2-3 times a week every single week, I'm not sure why the nurse would not recommend at least trying the wipe once in a well ventilated area and then disposing of it right away and cleaning the skin. I would question this warning at the next appointment.

I take a hot shower then remove quickly.