Any loopers using this button?

Anybody using this button (right of the meal bolus)? I think its a pre-bolus button, but I have never used it. It seems to have an on/off setting.


I suppose its time to re-read documentation.

I use this button many times, every day. It’s intention is to set a temporary lower BG target before a meal. It’s also known as an overide. I use it also to make the Loop program more aggressive in situations where I’m trending higher and want to counteract that trend. It has a 60-minute time-out function. The set up of this function is behind the correction range button. I set my target for this button at 65.

I see. Thanks a bunch, Terry. I need to bump up the temp basals more. Any difference between this button and the Temporary Overrides listed under the heart button?
You might not have that function. I know our systems are a little different.

I always wonder if Temporary Overrides are function - maybe because there’s no indication on the main screen that its running. I think that ‘overrides’ pre-programmed bolus. But, I do wonder how that comes out in the wash if you reach a suspend delivery threshold, maybe it just shuts ‘off’ on its own. Sometimes I set it ‘indefinitely’ ad when I look back, its not ‘on’ anymore (if it was ever ‘on’ at all.) I never set the Target Function, so maybe it never turns on.

The pre-meal button seems to have the exact same functionality as the heart button. Just with pre-defined values.

The exercise (heart icon) temporary overide allows setting a duration at 1 hour, 2 hours, or even indefinitely. The button you asked about is hard wired to last one hour, if you don’t turn it off sooner. This button was originally intended to lower a pre-meal glucose target as a way to mitigate or even eliminate a post meal BG rise.

I think of this button as a “gas pedal” to drive my Loop car more aggressively with more insulin. The heart button, when set to a higher than normal target can be thought of as a “brake” to slow down an expected BG drop.

Ideally, if Loop settings are well calibrated and the planets align, you wouldn’t need to use these buttons. Or maybe they’re just there since the developers know that people like me have hard time letting go of the insulin machine controls!

@Terry4, I use the heart button as gas pedal only. After a pod change, I set it to 200% until the site takes. On day 3, when insulin seems to be less effective, I also hit the gas pedal.

How do people manage with exercise and Looping? I have been on the Loop since Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day and post exercise I have been all over. Usually I end up spiking after exercising. This did not happen when I was only on my Omnipod. I absolutely love the Loop, but this is something I would like to get some control over. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

@flyerfansince79, you are not the first one to mention that you had better control during the day without Loop. I am in the same boat. I considered going open loop during the day and closed loop at night. I decided to fight the beast and tweak the parameters so that Loop would no longer fight me. This unfortunately requires you to think like a Loop. You have to compare what Loop does with what you would do and if different, figure out which parameter setting causes Loop to come to the wrong conclusion. Not an easy feat. If you are the analytical type, go this route. If not, go open loop during the day.
Btw, did you do anything special for exercise before Loop?

I’m all over the map. My settings were perfect a couple weeks ago, but something has shifted. someone told me there was a change in the algorithm. I dont know if thats true. I should re-read the Docs.

This winter is gonna be an interesting experiment for exercise and looping. I’ll let you know what happens. So far, I’ve been running low with exercise, but once I start longer term anerobic (when I’m stronger as the season progresses), I expect to see the low, high, low high patterns of chaos that are typical for me over the course of the day.

There’s no way for me to predict how loop will respond to that. Overnight lows might become an issue so if I can get the system functioning off LAN, that will be helpful in preventing lows.

You can always open loop. Fact is, that you will have to experiment. Loop isn’t meant to combat system disruptions sparked by exercise. Thats a longer term goal. Might have to wait for a dual hormone system.

Before loop I would bring my basal down 50-70% depending on how far and what intensity I would be doing. Thank you for the tip.

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@flyerfansince79, have you tried Temporary Override (Heart button)?

Yes but I still get the drop off of a cliff. I’ll try again tonight.

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@flyerfansince79, there is no magic. All Loop can do is set temp basal. Watch it. Does Loop set temp basal to what you would set it to? If not, Loop is fighting you. Experiment with Temp Override parameters until Loop does what you would do. Then you are golden.

Thank you for the words of wisdom. I’m a rookie looper of about 8 weeks.

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Can you guys confirm or deny that they got rid of the ‘enable retroactive correction’ to accompany meal bolus? I really liked that feature, but I dont think its present in the newer version…

Exercise is tough, flyer. Its just tough. If you can find a pattern, your golden.
Every year, when winter starts, I find its like a fresh start for analyzing exercise. Patterns can differ year to year, but I see patterns that emerge again and again, over the course of many years. Depends on the exercise type, as well.

Its not uncommon for me to jump from 100 to 350 in 20 minutes when I’m skiing. I’m gonna have to open the loop for that. Then, hours later, when I burn up all the glycogen stores, I can get severe lows because my liver can’t just help out anymore - Its running on empty. thats a good time for closed looping.

I know, from experience, that exactly 6 hours after a weekend of skiing, I will get low while driving home. But, they sell pie at the 6-hour mark, so I usually stop. That reminds me that lows are coming. I have gotten low ahead of that, hit the bad roads on the reservation, and almost gone off the highway. Thats a time for operating in closed loop. You’ll see patterns eventually.

Thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not a lone dysfunctional looper. It will become better with time.

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Maybe. I wouldn’t take it personally, though. ts just kinda the nature of exercise.

One of my friends in town here is a really experienced runner. She’s very impressive.
She went on a 2 hour run the other week. She’s been looping longer than me.
Even she went down and her husband had to come pick her up in the car.

If you sit in a chair all day, the system is easier to control. That’s a fact. I get 90% in range when I’m sitting in a chair on the computer and not doing anything crazy, even when I’m not looping. But, I don’t, personally, expect loop to do much to help with super crazy exercise. Of course, its a secret hope in the back of my mind. It might help, but it might not. Might depend on the day. Exercise can make the data absolutely batty.

Have you thought about seeing what Loop can do with more moderate exercise, like walking? Walking is under-rated and under-appreciated as an exercise. I’ve used it deliberately and timed to counteract adverse glucose trends.

Perhaps you can learn some things about Loop settings with less extreme exercise that might suggest some tactics when you want to be more aggressive.

Its a good suggestion, Terry. I have been running tests. I have to kinda do that at the start of the season every year because every year is a little different.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think there might be new baseline functioning in the algorithms for the newest version that I just installed. Some of the changes in system behavior might just be me. But, it takes me a while to get my footing with a new algorithm. I feel like I’m kinda starting over from scratch.

I can get by, but I can’t do really risky, demanding things since reinstallation. Risky things are gonna lead to catastrophic failure. I might need to change everything around to work with the algorithm as it exist now. Until then, walking is ok. 2 hours of shoveling snow has been ok, as a more moderate activity. A half hour of X-country skiing has been ok. I’ll try some easy-peasy downhill skiing this weekend. That should be fine.

I got an emergency call from the clinic last night. Apparently, when I went in to have my blood work done, I was 32. I know that alarms were going off, but I was ignoring them because alarms had been going off all day. I can’t even eat anymore without chaos. The system has become unstable. Its all out of whack. It was so nice before…I’m frustrated. I didn’t expect so much change in system behavior or functionality from reinstalling loop. I’m confused. I lost 10 - 20% less time in range with the new installation. I miss the ‘retroactive correction’ functionality for meals. That was really working for me. Now its gone. :frowning:

My tolerance fore risk has decreased, as well, now that its -10. Its hard to keep the car on the road, even with normal blood sugar. I can’t believe I was driving around yesterday at 35.