Any moms trying for #2?

SO I have an 11 month old and we are talking about trying for #2. Mostly because I just turned 37 and I'm so tired - I don't want to wait until I get too old!! ALso, we want to have a sibling for our daughter if possible.

My first pregnancy went very well - I had my A1c around 6 or just below the entire time. I had some minor issues like bad carpel tunnel, but they went away after I gave birth. I was induced at 39 weeks and it was a long delivery and I had an epidural with vacuum-assisted delivery.

There are some things that I want to change if I can about the next pregnancy - I do NOT want to be induced if possible. I felt like I caved in to pressure from the docs and my delivery did not go as I wanted. Basically I was pressured to go in for an induction even though my baby was measuring normal (she was 7.7 at birth)and I had no issues - perfect blood pressure and weight gain, great glucose control, etc.

ANyway, with that aside, I have a beautiful healthy, spunky, fun baby girl and we are talking about trying for another soon because we are getting older and the clock is ticking!

I'd love to hear stories about #2 babies and from any other ladies that are trying for their second!


We have an 11 month old too :-) and the topic has come up, but we haven't made any decisions yet -- so I look forward to reading the other replies!!!

I've got an 18 month old and everything went fine the second time around. I had a c-section both times and my symptoms were a little worse the second time (had to go on meds sooner, had to start shots sooner) but all in all it went really well. I actually ended up losing 20 pounds while I was pregnant the second time because I was pretty big when I got pregnant. (The doc said it was no big deal and my numbers were below 6 when I got pregnant to start with - I was in the 5-6 range the whole time). I just couldn't keep anything down, but that was pretty much the case the first time around too. And when you aren't eating sweets or ice cream, your body pulls it from other places!

But after our second - I am pretty much a full time type 2 all the time now. I still take quite a bit of metformin and have recently started taking Trajenta - but my last number was 6.4 - so that's not too bad! :)

Sorry if that was confusing in the first line - I now have a 5 year old and a 18 month old. :)

Hi Kristin!! I remember you when we were both pregnant on the forums! Isn't being a mom great?? I am having so much fun with her right now. 11 months is a great age :)

Hi Rachel! Your A1c's are great! Mine is a little high right now, so I am working on getting it back down into the 6s (it was 7 at my last test). It's a little bit harder to manage your diabetes when you are taking care of a baby :) I used to exercise but it's just not happening right now...I'm sure that once I start that again my numbers will get better fast. I'm a type 1.

I also had a lot of nausea during my pregnancy but never really got sick, so I kept everything down ;)

5 years and 18 months seems like a good amount of time between ages. Was your first helpful with the baby or was there alot of resentment/jealousy?

Take care :)

Ours is 9 months old and we are trying for baby #2. My A1C is in the perfect range of where my endo wants it to be. Though after my husband being hospitalized at the hospital we were going to have #2 we have decided that in the best interest of my health and the babies we are not having #2 there.

Hey CML! Congrats on having a great A1c :) Just curious, what happened at the hospital that you did not like? There were a few employees at the hospital where we gave birth that did things that I was upset by, but nothing major.

Congrats on the awesome A1c with a little one around! I'm having a hard time with my numbers (or rather my diet) still...

Did you deliver vaginally or by c-section? My doctor asked for at least two years between the births... if I want to try for a vaginal birth after c-section.

I would love to hear some tips to keep numbers down after baby :) SOunds like we should start another thread!

I hate admitting it but I get so busy that I don't check my glucose nearly as often as I should. I was checking every two hours when I was pregnant and then when baby came...well let's just say that I had other things distracting me!!

Yes... I know the feeling. I am down to 2-4 blood sugar checks per day :( So if I have a high, it lingers for a while. I am not looking forward to having my A1c measured next week. I need to get back in the habit of never eating without checking first. Just now that we are eating finger foods, I feel like I always have bananas or something on my fingers!! So I need to escape to wash my hands and check!

OK, OK, I know I just need to get my act together. Easier said than done.

Hello grils!
My baby boy is almost 11 months now and we are thinking about baby number 2. We really want another baby but we are thinking about financial aspects. That's the only thing keeping us down.
About good control after delivery. I had bad numbers until about 2-3 weeks ago, when i decided i want to lose some weight. I changed my diet and realized that i was eating pretty bad. My numbers are very good now, with few ups and downs. I try to avoid high-carbs.

Hey ladies-I'm right there with you about diabetes care post baby! I find it ridiculously hard, and it seems like there isn't much out there resource wise about it... I often forget to take insulin when I eat, and it is really frustrating when you lose sleep to the baby and the diabetes! I was reading a book called "A Mother's Guide to Self Renewal" (its a chapter a month!) but it talks about support as a mommy and that you need different types of support depending on your situation. I've included "Diabetes Support" as the group I'm most lacking! Luckily I've discovered someone I work with is also T1, so I'm going to see if we can help encourage each other!

Hi there,

I too am on the road for baby #2, however I think it may take awhile to get my a1C where it needs to be. I have a 22 month old at home who keeps me on my feet as well as a job I must attend to three days a week. The entire pregnancy I pretty much sat at a 7% A1C (give or take .01%), which my Dr. was okay with, but I would have preferred it to be lower. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no side effects at all, except for the fact that my little one decided to come out at 37 weeks on her own terms :). I really look forward to being pregnant again, although it worries me as I won't have the time that I had when I was pregnant the first time (I was off work and had no baby to look after)...I haven't had blood work done in over a year and I am so scared to find out the results (I go this Friday).

Needless to say, it is so nice to know that there are other people out there that suffer the same thing, I enjoy reading all your write-ups :)

If any of you ladies wanna chat, please send me a message :)

Glad to read this... I am about to turn 38 and just now starting to try for kids with my boyfriend... It's been very reassuring to read about women in their later 30's and early 40's doing this... Thanks for the post!

I am back. Just wanted to let you know that i am 9 weeks pregnant and everything is doing well so far.:)

We started trying when our little girl was six months. She's 9 months now and I'm pregnant again. I also was induced on my first and it ended with a c-section because her head never engaged. I really don't want to be induced on this one either and I'm hoping against hope for a VBAC!