Any more tips to deal with the "Dawn Phenomenon"?

What have you found that works to get those morning sugars down?

Hello Peetie,
I deal with Dawn Phenomenon myself here is what i try to do…
I have my basil set for 1.8 u/h between 5A -11AM ( My average is 1.3 u/h). I Love coffee, and Caffeine does a number on my sugars even though i use light powder creamer and artificial sweetener. I found that for each cup of coffee I have to bolus for 15-25 carbs. If i am on top of it I will drink my coffee then try to drink a bottle of water following it. Another thing i have to do is wait until I am hungry or my BS drops below 125 before i eat… and sometimes depending on my activity that day I may not be able to eat until late morning so i get a early lunch… It may not work for everyone, but it does for me

I am on injections, so I bolus for my dawn phenomenon each morning. After weeks of tracking when my morning blood sugar would begin to rise, and by how much, I saw a consistency and started giving an injection of my novolog to cover it. I take 1-1.5 units at 8:30am and it covers it great. I wasn’t able to control my DP with my lantus, as it would cause me to have low blood sugars in the late afternoon, and also the next morning (I take one shot of lantus in the morning when I wake up). So, in order to prevent the lows I had to decrease my lantus and cover the DP with it’s own injection. When I was on the pump a few years back, I just adjusted my basal rates at that time to cover it.

My basal insulin at night eliminates the dawn event.

Thanks so much everyone.
Robert: I had convinced myself that coffee was okay since I drink it black. I guess it was denial. I’ll try to avoid it after 7:00.
I don’t have insulin yet so I’m copying this information to use when I do.