Any other pumping lifeguards?

I got a job as a lifeguard this summer and I wear a minimed pump. Been pumping for 10+ yrs and usually when I go swimming I just take it off. However now I am going to be outside near the pool all day in the sun. Any tips or pump accessories that might be helpful?? Thanks!

You can try the Frio pump wallet/case to keep your insulin cool. Drnk lots of water to avoid dehydration! Sunscreen!

While I am not a pumpin Guard, My best friend lifeguwarded with me and she wore a Minimed. she would clip her pump to the waist of her bathing suit, and never had any problems. We practiced how fast she could get her pump off in case of a rescue, and she got really quick!
She never had any trouble with the pump tube in the sun ( we were in INDIA and it would get up around 120 degrees on the deck sometimes…) but by keeping the pump clipped on a wet bathing suit is stayed pretty cool.
If it ever gets too hot, (you should be working ~15 min shifts, right?) you could disconnect while you are on the char, and reconnect for your breaks…

Good luck! Have fun! Save lives!