Any other unicycling diabetics out there?

So don’t get me wrong, I love to ride a bike with two wheels very much,
but I also enjoy riding the one wheel quite a bit. Anyone else enjoy
riding a unicycle/ know how to ride a uni?

I have a uni (20") but I haven’t ridden it in quite some time. It’s a lot of fun though! Do you venture very far on yours (i.e. do you have a big wheel?) or do you stick to more local routes and just have fun on it?

Well, I have a 20" uni and a 28" uni. The most I have ever ridden without falling off has been a couple of miles, I wish I could ride longer distances on it if it didn’t start to get unbearably painful after a while haha. But yea, its a lot of fun, currently I am learning how to juggle and ride simultaneously, so I guess mostly I do it for fun. You should break your uni back out now that the weather is getting nicer!

I used to ride a lot. And I live about an hour from the site of the best Mountain Uni festival that ever was…

WELL I just got one.
It is hard to learn !!
But I am hoping it will build new synapses in my brain. Boy do I need them
Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks.
Any pointers?

Glad I found this discussion; I just started back riding after not getting on one for about 8 years. I just ordered a 36 inch one yesterday. Can't wait to get that one.

Back in the late 80's I learned how to juggle on a uni. From the time I started til the time I got to where I was comfortable enough to do torches it took nine months to learn. Now I am struggling with it; but it should come back pretty quick.

One thing I have noticed is that riding a uni doesn't affect my BG nearly as bad as riding my bike.

Just rode in the Saratoga Tour de Cure on June 2. I'm old and pretty out of shape so I rode in the last group of 10 milers. There was an entire team of unicylists and one Penny Farthing bike in that group. No red jerseys though.

I started riding a 26" muni back in October -- hopefully in a 6-18 months I'll be good enough to get into Unicross :)