Any Roller Derby people out there? (advice for exercise)

Hello! I am a recently diagnosed Type 1 (Jan 23 2010). I’m 31 and female :slight_smile: During my “before” life, I always considered joining the Roller Derby. Now after my diagnosis, I have learned how short life is and what the importance of going for what you want… So, my goal is to join the Roller Derby in the fall (and be healthy enough to do it) and kick some ■■■ :slight_smile:

My question is if anyone out there has any experience with the Derby, and because of the strenuous exercise it can provide, how it effects your BS numbers. What do you do to manage your numbers? I am still struggling to gain some sort of control of my numbers, so I know the Derby will have to wait for a bit (I developed an infection/abscess before I was diagnosed that prompted me to seek med advice… so it’s my double edged sword.) I thought it was clearing up and my numbers were getting closer to “normal” but it didn’t… so I’m back up in the 200s. Booo. I’m also slightly anemic (I’m going to give more blood today to find out why and how to treat- but my kidneys appear to be okay) But I will prevail, damn it. :slight_smile:

And if anyone has any advice on how to get back into healthy exercise (I was really active before I got sick, but I lost a lot of weight/muscle because of it and am anxious to start bounding back.) I appreciate all of your input!

only site that I’m aware of this forum on this other site (which is free to sign up for)