Any Suggestions for Overnight Train Travel?

Thursday afternoon I board Amtrak in Portland to arrive in Minneapolis on Saturday sometime (supposedly early AM). I’m very excited and a little uneasy about staying on top of “things.” We decided to splurge, so I will have a little Room of My Own. Any encouragement or ideas for maintaining routines would be welcome. I’ve never changed time zones since diagnosis, for instance. And I’ve only eaten in a restaurant once in the last nine months…

I guess this is one of the things type 1 diabetics like myself dont think our selves lucky for, as on any journey or anywhere i go, if im hungry i just eat as i please and inject insulin accordingly, with my little bag of jelly babies or a bottle of lucazade just in case. Obviously one reccomendation is to make sure you check your blood sugars regularly. especially before u feel like having a couple hours kip :P. Take snacks that have little or no carbs in for when you just crave food or find yourself high and hungry. Take something more stable like complex carbs for your normal eating, sandwhiches with no carb fillings for example. And then that something for if u do find yourself stooping low like my emergency jellybabies, 5 jellybabies raises my sugars by 2 units ( i dont know the american amounts :S). But seriously, dont be worried, just get yourself a nice coolbox hamper thing, fill it for all your occaisions and away you go ;). Perhaps on the restaurant front, look for a book by Collins Gem, called Carb counters, ( its really good - or maybe someone has a better suggestion like one that includes most restaurant meals? Good luck hun! :smiley: xxx

Have a wonderful trip.

What I do is I keep my watch at my orginal time zone I live in and I stay on my routine to that time. That is what my doctor recommended.