Any Suggestions? I am struggling with ideas

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I am seriously out of ideas for blog posts. I have zero clinical experiences. Diabetes is the same day in and day out, nothing exciting. Same with my life. Any science or med questions? Baseball, sports, Nietzsche? Gross Anatomy, Embryology, signaling pathways, oncology? Any interesting clinical trial reports you want explained? Life as a parent in grad school? If you have something, let me hear it!


Anything out there to explain insulin resistance? i’m diabetic and take 100 units of lantis in the morning and another 100 units at night.


Thanks for the reply. I can work on that. That one might take me a bit to write out, similar to thelantus and cancer post I made awhile back. It’s a complicated issue.


Right now i’m unemployed, with no medical insurance. I’ve been going to the local free/low cost clinic and get my insulin via the maps program. i continually am harassed by the insulin maker who don’t believe i could be using a bottle every 5 days on myself. i guess they feel i’m reselling the bottles, even though i have a dr. perscription for this amount and can verify my usage. just very frustrating the lack of knowledge out there on the subject!

That actually is a real problem. Insulin is HUGE in underground body building circuits. Insulin is used as much as steroids and there are young athlete/body builders dying of hypoglycaemic shock because they don’t understand how it works.