Any tips for placing sensor?

I just got setup on MM CGM yesterday. I was wondering if there are any ideas or pros/cons of which angle you insert the sensor. I just found tudiabetes yesterday and I see all sorts of discussions about the angle from 45-60 degrees but was wondering about the trajectory. I use MM sofsets for infusion and always like the tail of the site pointing toward midline and a little down. Find it is least bothersome when turning from side to side in bed.

Does anyone find that the insertion of the needle toward midline or lateral or up or down makes any difference?

It’s nice to know this group is out there. Thanks for any advice.


Welcome to Tudiabetes! We are glad you are here. There is truly a great place to get information, encouragement and great ideas. In answer to your question: there have been some changes since the MM CGM first came out in how it should be inserted. The newest recommendations are that the “feet” of the inserter are down meaning that the transmitter will be on top when connected so that the weight of the transmitter helps keep them well connected. The angle of insertion is now recommended to be 45 degree angle which is done by holding the “feet” of the inserter flush to the skin. The sensor has tape and usually remains in place very well but the transmitter does not have tape so it is always recommended to tape the sensor and tranmitter with the IV 3000 or other tape if the IV 3000 bothers you in any way. Help this helps.

I was once told by MM that to have the feet of the inserter on “tippy-toes” for correct insertion. It seems to work better when the needle is almost 90 degrees angle to the skin. It seems to work better that way. I was also told to put it in the “love-handle” area, not into muscle.
Good Luck

Thanks for the responses. I’ll try it pointing down and see how it goes. The meter has been mostly accurate with a few exceptions. Have been able to trouble shoot a few of the common problems easily which is nice. I will have to start my 2nd sensor soon, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks again, Jerry

I tried something different today with my sensor placement - in my upper left arm. The only problem, I had to call a neighbor to help pull out the needle (DH was at gym)! It seems to work ok, but when I pulled out something heavy from the frig, it really hurt as if the needle was still there. Has anyone else used your arm, and did you have any problems?

I just started MM CGM about a month ago. My diabetes educator was recommending the 45 degree angle. She didn’t specify the trajectory, but I agree with Donna that pointing it down is probably best to avoid having the transmitter tugging on the sensor. I didn’t tape my first transmitter down and accidentally pulled the whole rig off while drying after a shower, so now I apply 2 strips of Nexcare “Flexible Clear” tape, 1 across the sensor and 1 across the transmitter. The tape is waterproof and has been pretty effective. By the way, you should be able to get more than 3 days out of a sensor – you’ll see that repeated often in this forum. I’m currently on day 10 with sensor and will probably keep it another day or so. My only heartburn with the MM CGM is inserting the sensor. I insert my infusion sets manually (easier to avoid veins and nerves) and I’m not too comfortable with the uber-inserter for the sensor, but it’s still worth the benefits of the CGM.