Any Tips for Stalling the Dexcom CGM 7th Day without the 2 hr no data?

Would sure be nice to stall the 7th day when it tells you at night in bed “Time to change” I tried moving the date up a few hundred years to a year that’s the same.(Did not work) Help Me Out Here
Just need a simple Hack
Let Me Know

I record on the packaging that the sensor came in the date and time of implantation. The “time to change” warning should come 7 days later. Because I know when it’s coming, if it falls in the middle of the night, I restart the sensor about 2 hours before bedtime and do the double test just before bed. My BG is pretty stable that last two hours before bed, so I don’t feel like I lose any data. It’s not a high tech solution, but it works for me.