Any type 1's on metformin?

Hi all!

Any type 1's on metformin? I take metoformin ER 2X a day...1 when I wake up, and 1 when I eat dinner.

I have heard that similar to symlin, you can build up your dose as you get used to it. The max is 1500 which would be 3 pills daily. I am wondering if anybody has increased to that dose. And if anybody has experimented with timing?


I am type 1 but was experiencing insulin resistance, metformin has helped me!

I'm also interested in an answer to this question from any type 1's who have tried metformin. I was experiencing insulin resistance with humalog but switched to Apidra and increased my exercise and was able to lower my basal rates. I'm not experiencing resistance anymore, but am very curious about metformin as well for future reference.

I've been on Metformin since my Type 2 misdiagnosis in 2007. I have since been properly diagnosed as Type 1. I cannot recall my dosage immediately after diagnosis, but since approximately 2008, I've been taking 2x 1000mg daily. While I cannot say I've experimented, I will say that I believe my BS increases if I forgot to take a dose. I have not noticed any change in the effect of Metformin through the years.

PS ... according to what I read on the interwebs, this is max dosage info:
The maximum recommended daily dose of GLUCOPHAGE (metformin) is 2550 mg in adults and 2000 mg in pediatric patients (10-16 years of age); the maximum recommended daily dose of GLUCOPHAGE XR (metformin XR) in adults is 2000 mg.