Any Type 1's taking Welchol?

Hi - I’ve been taking Welchol for almost 2 years per the direction of a preventative cardiologist. He suggested it and my Endo didn’t seem to think it would hurt but I don’t think he necessarily recommends it either.

Anyone taking it or have any feedback? Background is i’m type 1 of 20 years now.

A little background which might open up a can of worms…It’s been awhile since I posted here and it was about taking Invokana as a type 1 and I had wonderful results for the little over a year I was on it starting end of 2013 up until the beginning of 2015.

However, I ended up after being on Invokana a few months I had some chest pain that was exercised induced. Being an 18yrs with Type 1 (at that time), they decided to do a heart cath. I was clear. But because of the experience I went to see a preventive card who suggested Welchol in addition. Didn’t even think anything about the Invokana at the time… Then 10 months later ended up in the ER with DKA. 1st and only time ever with DKA and was in Intensive care for 2 days and then a 3rd night in the hospital after getting out of ICU. I have since stopped Invokana and now see all over the news where Invokana patients are ending up in the ER with DKA. Going back to that first HeartCath and if it was related, I dunno. But gave that story to tell you why/how I ended up on Welchol and now wander if it was all just the Invokana and wander if I need to even worry about taking Welchol. I don’t want to end up in another side effect like I had with Invokana because I"m a type 1 taking Welchol.

I tried Welchol for cholesterol, the powered form mixed with water 2 times a day. Could not get through 3 weeks of it before I tossed it. I assume you need it for cholesterol or gallbladder? I have pretty much refused all cholesterol medication, statins and this until we see where everything lands untreated for 6 months. If it is much above where a non-diabetic recommendation for meds would be then I may try something else, have an appointment in a couple weeks.
Welchol, caused bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation…you get the idea. Would rather die 10 years earlier from high cholesterol, lol.

Yes, was/am taking it for cholesterol but assumed maybe help with blood sugars also. I’m visiting my Endo in 12 days and going to ask him about it. I might get him to do a cholesterol test on me then and go off it for 3 months and do another cholesterol test. (as well as A1Cs of course)…if there isn’t much difference then will stop. They are HUGE pills that I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night. If they are not doing much medical benefit then i’m wasiting money.

Welchol isn’t causing me bloating or any gastro issues for me. it’s just the $ and the energy. FYI, I do take a statin also that I think I tolerate just fine. My LDL is around 80 and normally goes from 70-100 over the last 10 years. I started statins 10 years ago because my LDL had reached 130 or so which isn’t recommended for diabetics. I think the target is 100 or 70 for diabetics because of the already inherent risks. But I know aggressive prevention doctors (for cardiovascular) who shoot for 50 LDL or lower.

You’re lucky you respond well to the Statins, they do get my LDL down but the side effects make me feel ten years older. I wonder if the pills of welchol might work for me, might have that conversation with doc.

Although it isn’t reported, patients have reported dehydration with Welchol. Since dehydration can also be an effect of Invokana and other SGLT2 drugs (as well as diuretics) the stacked effect may result in dehydration which is know to place you at increased DKA risk in patients using insulin. I also have to note that Welchol itself is a bit of a “whacked” drug. It is prescribed to reduce LDL, but right there in the prescribing information it says that Welcol “can increase TG, particularly when used with insulin or sulfonylurea.” In my strange part of the world elevated triglycerides are just as bad or even worse than increased LDL. And there are concerns associated with this drug such as vitamin deficiency and that this drug causes malabsorption of other drugs. And finally I would note the prescribing information says this drugs “is not recommended in patients at risk of bowel obstruction (e.g., patients with gastroparesis, …” If you have had T1 for 18 years there is a good chance you have some level of gastroparesis.