Any uses for empty test strip containers?

Anyone have any uses for old test strip containers? Seems like a small, air-tight container might come in handy for something. Any ideas?

Contact your local scout troops they will be more than happy to take them off of your hands. We do a lot of crafts with the old film canisters and now that everything is going digital it is hard to find film canisters.

As a pumper, I put the spare “caps” in my test strip containers and try to keep 2 caps in my testing kit. Those caps like to hide when you really need them.

I have also put a few glucose tablets inside when I couldn’t find the regular tube especially since the top flips up :slight_smile:

if you break the top off… you can fit a vial of insulin in some test strip containers too!

Yeah, they’re kind of like pistachio shells. Whatta ya do with them now that the contents are gone?

Mind you, I don’t actually USE my containers for any of this stuff. I put any used strips that are floating around my meter kit into the empty container and toss it. But you COULD . . .

Small supply of glucose tabs
Pill or Vitamin case
Button holder
Sewing needle case
Collect soil and insect samples
Portable ashtray (yech)
Paper clip dispenser
Shot glass
Water cup for water color brushes
Vaseline case (for runners who chafe)

I dunno, I’d not put anything that goes in my mouth or body into those containers. They have chemicals in them for preservation and so I’d be wary. I like the bugs and button ideas though! I just toss mine in the recycle bin.

Those tiny batteries like hearing aid batteries.

I throw them at the neighbors cat when she poops in my flower bed!! does that count ?

Rick Phillips

I like the idea of throwing them at the neighbors cats…I think right now we throw them into the recycle bin. But I know that DD does not throw her used strips in the trash where ever she is when she is done, she collects them and they end up all over my house. Which is not good w/two small kids. Maybe you could use the old containers for that and when its full recycle them? Is that ok?

Rick, I had a very high opinion of you till now !


lmao RICK! Now be nice to the animals lol

… I keep my cyanide in the cupboard, right next to the bitter almond flavoring.

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Proper order Yvonne

Make art.

Tommy might have an idea.

that was my first sick thought!

whew…glad I’m not the only one :wink:

Another one over the cuckoo’s nest !

Doh! Of course!! It’s a natural!

Okay, I admit it. It’s the first thing that came to my mind.