Anybody bought out of pocket infusion sets from ADW?

I want to but a box of Tandem infusion sets and cartridges for backup and to try out different infusion sets. The price is not too bad. I’ve seen that some here have used ADW for test strips and syringes, but not infusion sets.

Why not ask Tandem for samples?

I think ADW will require RX from your doctor.


You’re right, I just called them, why didn’t I think of that?
I’ll call my Tandem rep. I really think they ought to come up with a sample kit since they have so many infusion options,


Tandem also replaces any infusion sets that don’t last the full 3 days. I had never called a set in before, but reached a point where I was getting stressed because I’d eaten through my backup supply during an inflammation flare up. I called Tandem and they saw a history of “fill cannula” steps without a cartridge change, and sent me a whole box to make up for past failures. Just asked me to apply any extras towards future failures.