Anybody getting their return packs for the failed pods?

Has anyone got their replacement pod (single one) and the package to return the dead one? I have 5 dead pods waiting for a return package. Insulet told me 7-10 working days, well that was 4 weeks ago, I wanted to see if I need to call again.

I got 2 of 5 pods that I have coming to me. there seems to be a big holdup with the new pod shortage.
The more you call the sooner they will come. I called 2 or 3 times in a week about the 2 pods I got and they finally sent them what seemed like overnight.
The pod replacements are in their system though(they have on record all of my failures and replacments) so as long as you aren't running out now, they should come at some point

Same boat, except I was told they would be included in my next order. They weren't.

I've called 3 times. Same response. They will be in your next order.

Is sending back the pods a new thing with the updated system? I was never asked to mail in any of my old pods when I reported a failure.

Only on the new system so far, they never wanted any of the old pods back.

With my old larger pods, I only sent back failures for the first 3 months I was a new user. After that the failures were so few and far between they never asked for a return. I am also on the "green" pod return program so I pay to have ALL of my used pods returned to them for recycling. But I think the newer pods and the amount of failures is causing them to want them back so they can crack them open and figure out why so many keep failing.

I haven't received any replacement pods either or the return packages.

I was also asked to return failed pods when I first used the OmniPod over 6 years ago when the failures were almost as frequent as I think they are occurring now with the new system.

I am in the same boat... I have 6 failed pods they wanted back and have not received either the replacements or the return packages.

I was told last Sunday 9/29 that I shouldn't expect the replacements to be sent in October.

I only had replacements pods shipped on the old system so far (haven't had any replaced with the new system yet).

For those who have posted that they "did not receive their pods in the next shipment" (if they were not scheduled to receive them immediately), I would only add that I thought the same thing several times when I opened the box..."aww, man, they didn't ship me the 3 extras they were supposed to with this new shipment" because there were no extras floating around in the package with the "unopened" boxes. That is, until I opened the boxes and realized that the 3 of the "boxes of 10" really had 11 stuffed into them.

So I would only caution/advise to perhaps check inside the boxes to confirm this to be true (and it said there were extras shipped on the packing slip too, which was another indication. If it does not say that on the packing slip, then yes, they likely were not shipped with that set). I do wish they would be a little more consistent with one method or the other (either ship now when I call in, or ship with new set when it comes)...b/c clearly there is a lot of confusion when they just pick willy nilly which way they're going to do it :-/

I just turned in 4 pods (one of the new ones, and 4 of the older pods which they'll replace with new ones). I was told they'd ship "on my next normal shipment".

Still awaiting 14 pods that I've called in, nothing yet. It will be 16 after I call in two more, all new, smaller pods. They told me there was a hold up in their shipping dept. Also suggested I call my supplier. The supplier laughed and said they don't send replacements, they have to come from Insulet. I've also been waiting about a month. I have less than a box left but fortunately a new shipment should arrive today.

It does take a while. When I called to report another failed pod, I asked about the replacement ones I hadn't received yet and (half) jokingly asked if they were waiting on more to fail before they sent the replacements so they could make one shipment instead of multiple ones.

I finally got the 5 replacements in one box, along with multiple return boxes. I couldn't imagine they would want to waste money shipping each back separately, so I sent all 6 failed pods back in one box.

I was told the new pods that failed would be in the next order so I won't find out until I get my next shipment. I didn't keep my new pods that failed so they won't be including a return envelope. They said they would replace them regardless, but they were very clear that any new pods that fail should be returned to Insulet.

I had a couple of old pods that failed that will be replaced by new pods at some point. I was told they are still transitioning those pods and it wasn't clear when they would be sent.

Yeah, I had the same issue awhile back with my old pods. Insulet didn't send the replacement pods until some time later but, for some reason, they did send me a new pack of ten to get me to the next shipment. I did call my insurance company to make sure they would cover an extra month supply but my feeling was that Insulet would have sent the pods regardless.

they always ask me if my supply is ok, if it is they send them with the next shipment if not they send right away. I have been requesting they all be sent right away lately due to all the failures, and they do honor your request if you ask them

When I called about mine I was told 3 to 4 weeks! My next shipment will be coming soon after that!!

My replacement pods and return box arrived about 2 weeks ago, and it only took 2 days. I’m not sure if they expedited it but they did say they could overnight them and asked how many I had left. I had 10.

Wow! We must be very lucky here in the UK. Replacement pods always arrive the day after I call - and we don't even need to return the faulty ones; they just require the batch/lot number.

Same problem here...

Just kidding...