Anybody heard of this research? Potential cure?

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Has anyone heard of this before? I read about this is in the news in September.


We had this discussion here

We also had DRI here for an interview in 2013, describing how the Biohub works

@askmanny (our founder) brought DRI onto my radar screen in 2008, and came back from a conference there in 2009 really excited about what they were doing

That’s when I urged my parents to put more of their charitable giving to them.

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Unfortunately, a regiment of Immunosuppressant drugs are still required.

Hi @Bradford1,
I understand that from the video. The doctor explained that a lot. He said that even in the silicon device placed inside the omentum the immunosuppressant drugs would be in the device or surrounding it inside the patient. While I have heard of these drugs, especially tied to transplants and well this is a type of a transplant- islet cell transplant, I’m not entirely certain what the side effects are of these immunosuppressant drugs. Can you elborate?


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While I most certainly am no expert, my understanding is that transplants into the liver has been done previously with use of immunosuppresant drugs. I believe the only development is the location of implant in the omentum. Although preliminary, it looks as though there is better success in this location–though immunosuppresant drugs are still necessary. There have been successful long-term implants in the past (many for a decade or more), but my personal opinion is that taking immunosuppresant drugs just opens the door for other complications.

I have, this method actually allivieted the need for anti rejection drugs. The omentum protects the islet cells. I’m not sure when this will be available to th public but it’s an absolute cute. Look into the research center at the university of Miami. I hope we as patients get more information about this soon.