Anyone afraid to eat?

If my sugars are high, I get scared to eat. So I’ll take my insulin like normal, but I don’t eat as much and it always leads to really low BS. Anyone else afraid to eat? It’s a silly question really.

Sometimes I kind of get that way. If my blood sugar gets a little high before eating I may wait until the bolus “kicks in” a bit before eating.

I just take my insulin for the correction + food and wait awhile before eating. If I was over 200 I’d test in half an hour and take it from there. Now that I have the CGMS I can see when my BG starts to go down and I know when it’s okay to eat. I always eat when my sensor shows I’m still high because it lags behind by about 15 minutes.

I have the CGMS too… but do you ever have days when the correction doesn’t quite work the way you know it should and you know it? … I hate those days.
I start eating when my sensor starts to show the “downward trend”.

I am always afraid to eat. i know that food is the enemy of my diabetes so i stay away from it. don’t feel strange - i do the same thing…

I get that way when my sugar has been running high. I know for me it is because the high blood sugars make me feel so lousy so when I finally get it to a normal level I am afraid of feeling sick again so then I won’t eat.

I do the same as Liz. I do the correction bolus, regular bolus for food and eat. I can’t go without eating. Don’t want to go low. If you don’t eat a full meal maybe you can eat a snack. Snacks are always easy and doesn’t raise bg’s up too high.

This is what I do, too, Kevin. I won’t start eating unless I am below 150 or 160. My endos have always told me that I have no business eating when I’m already in the 300s. I wait until I am headed downward and then begin the meal.

The only time I’m bad about not waiting is in a restaurant.

Sometimes I’m afraid to eat. Sometimes I’m afraid NOT to eat. It can be quite frustrating.

Are you guys ever afraid or reluctant to eat when you’re in range? I have this problem sometimes. I still eat, but I hate screwing up a great, stable fasting reading.

It’s like having a great parking spot and not wanting to use your car because you’ll lose your spot - which is the whole point of parking close!

When I check my sugar and it is too high, I will cut back on what I eat. I never looked at the sugar or carb contents on labels until I was diagnosed as an diabetic. It gets frustrating trying to eat healthy, checking my BS, eating a balanced diet and giving up some of the things I loved to eat before. But I want to live to see my grandchildren grow up and retire with my husband and enjoy the life I have.

It seems counterintuitive, but skipping a meal entirely when you’re high often leads to more rides on the blood sugar rollercoaster. Unfortunately, it has taken me 35 years to learn this.

Like MelissaBL, I correct and wait for a while if I’m above 150 or so before talking my meal bolus. Lately, I’ve tried to take a quick 15-minute walk to help get the glucose level to head down. This is part of my effort to get more exercise (and use less insulin). It’s all guess and test, though, 'cause I’m not on a CGM.

Many times I’ve had a high BG, corrected, and my BG continued to climb. Before I had the CGMS I would just test frequently after a correction but now I can see at a glance if it’s going up or down. I do start to eat or get my meal together when I see it’s going down.

Someone mentioned taking a walk after a correction and I’ll do that when my BG is really high. I know that they say not to exercise if your BG is over 250 (I think) but as long as I have fresh insulin in me it’s been fine and a brisk walk helps to bring down a high quickly.