i have blogged endlessly about my psychiatric diseases: schizophrenia, Bi-Polar and obsessive compulsive disorders.

the meds i must tk in order to maintain some semblance of humanity in my life, which are absolutely crucial to my well-being and member of the human race are terribly mired by adverse effects and mess up my BSs.

just wondering if anyone else endures this type of problem, this type of life style, etc. i find often that i am so overwhelmed by my multiple diseases that i want only to stay in bed under the covers for days upon days. I drag myself out of bed and force myself to get on with my day. i go to a wonderful 12step support group for 1 hour every day, and it motivates me very much...still i live with such frustrations.

Well done to you. I'v been D for 25yrs now and have battled with depression on and off for 15yrs. I'm not on any meds as such but I now have flipping arthritis. That just put the tin hat on it. Just back from Paris and I felt a bit crap because all I saw were these beautiful, healthy people. I felt a bit sorry for myself. There were far more people struggling with life but I choose to feel sorry for myself and I ruined a few days of my holiday. At the moment I'm trying to be grateful for everyday I can walk and function normally. Also trying not to be too hard on myself, that's the hardest bit. Life is frustrating, just remember we are all in it together.

two weeks ago, my husband and i were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and there was this woman with no legs rolling herself along in a wheelchair. i turned to my husband and asked him how on earth that poor woman must feel. in responce, my husband said"but look at how wonderful her wheelchair is!! she's probably thrilled that there are so many advances in regard to how she can get around town" then i thought about my own D and how many advances have been made since i was Dx. i am so used to being D, that i have no idea what life is like w/out it. and whenever a new type of insulin or pump or meter comes on the market, my life improves tremendously. i never thought about it that way, but i supose we never get more than we can handle.

Daisy Mae, I am in awe of you, wonderful you for coping so well. Keep smiling through it all. Hugs, Maureen

thx so much Maureen. means the world to me.

Your husband sounds like a wise man. I'm sure he learned a lot about coping from you and just applied it in that situtation.


Yip, its all about how we view things. Although having a normal bg makes it a lot easier. Keep smiling Daisy.