Anyone else concerned about this piece of proposed California legislation? (AB-1893 - Sharps waste)

We are preparing a letter opposing the language, and questioning the validity of the points made by the primary sponsor:


Manny, are you talking about California AB-1893, ?

Yes. Sorry, apparently the URL got cut-off.

The DHF position in opposition to the Bill:

Here's the letter we sent to the Chair of the committee reviewing the Bill on April 29, and the Bill Authors:

I encourage you to read through the issues, and contact your State Representative (if you are in California), or state your thoughts about it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. using the hashtag #Oppose

Twitter accounts of key stakeholders:

Twitter accounts of key media:

Here are a few sample tweets you can use:

  • .@DrPanMD @AssemblyDems @AssemblyGOP Pls #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that Burdens People w Diabetes on Insulin
  • .@LatinoCaucus @SpeakerPerez @fionama @EllenCorbettCA #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that burdens ppl w diabetes on insulin
  • Here’s why we #OpposeAB1893: CA Bill that burdens ppl w Diabetes on Insulin @HealthyCal @sacbee_news @JWilliamsAP

If you would rather engage with any of the stakeholders on Facebook, here are their Facebook pages:

This legislation is not a smart idea. Starting with the evidence to support it of which there is none. Then to create a consumer mandate? It's one thing to have an insurance requirement where we get help paying for these things by spreading the cost among many. It's entirely another matter when we are obligated to pay for these items out of pocket as a condition of purchase for something we need to inject a medication or monitor glucose and that our doctor often prescribes. Talk about misguided policy. Not a fan. Also, special kudos to legislators for making most people with chronic diseases the scapegoats for this created problem. Lovely. Sorry for the sarcasm. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

I agree, SFFella! If you haven't done it already, I invite you to take action by looking at the ways to engage with the stakeholders as explained here: