Anyone Else Feel Lost?

Right now Im at a loss. I dont know what to do. It seems like I dont have enough time in the day. Maybe Im feeling slightly depressed, I dont know. All I know is that Ive been to the gym for the first time in months last night, surprised I didnt gain any weight (wow), Ive been procrastinating with school work, and Ive been slacking on the control issue. yesterday, all day yesterday, my blood sugar was so high it didnt read, today im in the high 300s. I care about my future and all, but i just dont know how to get myself back on track.

Anyone else been through this? how did you get yourself back on track?

Yep. Try living in a place that doesn’t have any sunlight for months and months on end for a down feeling. The feeling of being overwhelmed is something I just can’t get used to, nor can I shake it. But something in me keeps me getting up and doing the best I can. I joke that I’m a ‘standard overachiever’. I find what I’m excited about (nowadays its getting my degree in a field I love…and turns out, I’m pretty good at too.) I try to monitor my thoughts as much as possible and I act organized (even though I feel churning with chaos pretty much most of the time). Hope things are looking and feeling brighter for you recently. It’s up to me to reach out and up to me to ask for contact…same as everyone.