Anyone else have this? (For users of Bayer Countour Care Link meters)


I have a question for other people who use the Bayer Countour Care Link blood glucose meter (which links with the Paradigm Minimed insulin pump).

I have, about 2-3 times a month (more when I first started using this system), where I test my reading, and it will give me a result that is DOUBLE my actual BG. For instance, I will be 15 mmol/L, and it will tell me my result is HI (off the meter). I always stop, because I don’t FEEL that high, and check again; on the second try it will give me the correct result. If other people have this problem, it could kill them if they didn’t double check.

My mom, who has the same pump and meter, has had 2 of these false high’s on hers since August. I seem to have it occur more often.

My test strips are new (I refill every week and a half or so), and I keep them in the container, which I always close. They are not subjected to extreme temperatures or anything. I always fill the strip properly too when I’m testing, and my finger is clean, so it shouldn’t be caused by that. I’m not on any medications that can cause this; I used to use an Acuchek drum meter and NEVER had this, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I suspect it’s the strips, since the meter works just fine 95% of the time. That’s what the pharmacists think too (I mentioned this problem to them).

The annoying thing (besides being unsafe) about these false readings is it messes up my BG graphs that my pump can produce, inserting fake highs.

Sooo…anyone else experienced this?

This may not help you , because I never have experienced this problem …however like to suggest to call Bayer at
1-800- 268-7200…will you let us know , what they come up with , please ?