Anyone ever feel uneasiness (ability to think got impaired, or cant feel relaxed/easy) when bg is climbing , not necessarily out side the limit!

I feel uneasy always when i eat something(mostly little high on carbs/Sugar) and my sugar is climbing because of eating(everyone bg increase after eating but issue is) ,even if its in good range i feel something is not right from the way i feel! I have dexcom so i can connect dots now that when ever arrow is not steady and in climbing mode i feel like that.

Vice versa if Bg is 200 or more but if arrow is steady “–>(this is point)” i feel ok.

so I analyse that something obv. has to do with sugar climbing up!!! does any one has more detail or idea ?

I can “feel” if my BG is climbing, and frequently can tell how quickly it is climbing. I sense a sorta "rushing sound, which builds until my BG goes over 145-150, when it becomes more of a pressure headache. My previous endo didn’t believe me, but my sense of high BG is frequently more accurate than my Dexcom – Dex could sat 120, but if I have that feeling or a headache an test, I’ll see 150 or more. Uneasiness or having a short temper frequently goes along with those feelings for me. My current endo believes me that it is happening, but hasn’t been able to offer me any explanation as to why it happens or the mechanism.

Note, just 3.5 years ago, my A1c was 11.8 at Dx, and my BG between 250 and 300 much of the time – and I felt perfectly fine - in fact, I felt as good or better then I EVER felt!

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That was good detail Thas, this is the only part that I struggle regularly but still no solution ! I am still not able to better mange it yet , only remedy i feel is have to eat in small portion so arrow become steady quickly and spend less time in that weirdness.

but mindful eating is “Woah” this days for me!!

Thas, have you ever considered renting yourself out as a diabetes alert dog? :dog2:

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I’ve never used a CGM, so I don’t actually know when my BG is climbing or falling sharply. I don’t normally get very strong symptoms of either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, but what symptoms I get are often the same for both - nervousness or anxiety. But sometimes when I get those symptoms, I find that my BG is actually in normal range. From what others have said on these boards, I assume that that is likely caused by my BG either falling or rising rapidly, but without a CGM, I can’t be certain of that. The symptom of impaired thinking ability never seems to affect me until my BG gets down in the 30s or lower 40s. And I can’t say that I’ve ever had that symptom at normal or upper BG range unless I’m sorely lacking in sleep.

From what I’ve read, the fact that I have such very slight symptoms compared to many may be that I’m elderly. Apparently we don’t have as strong stress hormones as we age. (I call that a good thing!) Plus, I’m on a beta blocker for blood pressure. That, too, I understand can minimize symptoms others might have from hypoglycemia, especially.

When my BG is climbing rapidly, like 2 mg/dl per minute, I get groggy, sleepy. I want to climb into bed and take a nap. I also notice that the sleepy symptom is not just for some spike from say 80 to 150 but it’s usually on its way to 250 mg/dl+. This confirms to me that I’ve made a serious insulin dosing error, often a SWAG failure, and I’m going to need a lot more insulin than I thought.

This can confuse me sometimes because I can start yawning and feeling sleepy when my BG drops below 60 mg/dl but the low sleepiness is not nearly as powerful as a rapidly climbing high.

I find this discussion fascinating - I basically can’t tell at all, high or low (unless it’s REALLY low - but I’ve gotten to 50 and not felt a thing).

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I also feel same way . rapid increase can make you feel some sudden change in bad way inside. Unfortunate thing is no doctor aware about this and def dont know the actual reason or have proper data, thats the reason they cant suggest on how to control this feeling. They agree now a days that it makes you feel angry worst weird etc…

My personal analysis is eat small portion at a time but thats too hard for me !!

My “scientific” belief is that, for better or worse, some people (like Thas) are just “in tune” with their own bodies much more so than the “average” person. In other words, their “mind-body interface” is amazingly keen. (You have no idea how difficult the above was for me, as a “Go Science or Go Home” person, to write.)

I get stronger hyper symptoms of my BGis rising. However, emotionally, it takes a toll on me! Earlier today, for example, Dexie was telling my my sugars were 97 with an angled arrow up and that marks me nervous. I always check a ton of times to make sure I don’t continue climbing. I’ll be stressed until I stabilize even though there is nothing wrong with my numbers.

why do you get sleepy? what is the physiological mechanism?

  1. like others have said, maybe it is rising bg that is causing your uneasy feeling.
    –is bg moving up fast? what is the relative speed of the movement?

  2. maybe the problem is the ‘up arrow’. when you see the up arrow, it itself is a trigger for anxiety.
    —did you have this kind of anxious feeling before you got your CGM and were just checking bg movements with strips? if not, i would think it is the up arrow itself that is triggering anxiety.

I have noticed my bg is climbing rapidly at the moment and I have corrected it down but the insulin doesn’t seem to be bringing it down at all, would drinking water help bring them down?

How much time has elapsed since your correction? It takes 90 minutes, give or take, for rapid acting insulin to peak for a lot of people, but YDMV. Drinking water and/or exercising can result in a faster lowering of BG for many people.

I dont have anxiety factor for sure but up arrow or even slowly climbing arrow (diagonal) after eating makes me feel that way and i heard same from my RN for endo also he feels the same way ,he is Type 1.

and as soon as it becomes steady doesn’t matter on what number it does but i feel like ok race is over inside.

Its hard to describe that weird feeling! everyone puts it in different way but only common thing is no one enjoys it. So if i connect dots i guess only remedy is focusing on small portion so you can make arrow steady ASAP

I have been searching for this remedy since the day 1 of DB," i asked my doctors multiple time why rapid insulin takes even 30 min to trigger and 2 hr to fully functional , i want something that can be 100% right away so all extra bg can be settle down rapidly :smile: "

if i am at work and sudden climb happen then i just take walk and little bit of water that helps little but not as i want too.

It has been just over 2 hours and I can’t do another correction for another two hours? I’m drinking plenty as I feel dehydrated as well my ketone aren’t rising though that’s a good sign?

Am I understanding you correctly? It’s been 2 hours since your last correction, and you have to wait another 2 hours (or 4 hours total) between corrections? What kinds of insulin are you taking, what are the doses, what is your dosing schedule? Do you count carbs?

Yeah, we all feel that way, but short of an IV insulin injection, this is not available to us. There are some answers, however, that can speed things up. The inhaled insulin, Afrezza, is an answer for some. For me, it can start to pull a high BG down within 30 minutes and finish the job in 90 minutes.

Another method is to walk when the correction insulin is peaking, for me at about 60-90 minutes post injection. I also use intra-muscular (IM) shots. After I inject into a muscle, I rub the spot aggressively. Then I exercise the muscle, like bicep curls for an arm shot. An IM shot can cut my correction time in half.

Staying hydrated helps speed the insulin from the fat layer into the blood vessels. It also dilutes the blood so that the glucose is a little smaller percentage of the blood and it dilutes ketones, if present.

I am on the pens, novorapid and I am carb counting