Anyone ever tried Dexcom's Shower Cover for the G4?

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried these, since they cost $15 for a pack of 10 (and I can't seem to find them anywhere online).

(I got the photo emailed to me from Dexcom when I was asking about it)

If you have used it, I assume you keep it on for the entire life of your sensor (otherwise those are some pretty expensive showers! ;-)

I never used them, but when needed I use the Smith & Nephew IV 3000, which could be found on and other sites, not sure if these are what I have! Check the size!

The cost for one of them is $0.37 you will need two to cover the sensor completely so its $0.74 a shower!

The entire sensor life ? I get on average 14-20 days out of a sensor and my guess is these probably wouldn't last that long. I have not tried them I swim a lot and sweat a lot but opsite flexifix seems to do the job nicely and on a per use basis is relatively cheap.

I don’t use them…I use the teraderm clear tape to hold my sensor in place…works like a charm…when I worked in a hospital they use a similar tape for IVs

I had been getting 15-20 days, but recently even with reinforcement the sensors are just not staying put. Anyone else wonder if their adhesive is faulty?

I had my first sensor failure in 7 months the other day and I know it was because the adhesive started to fail. It got loose and started to slip during a round of golf. But I think it was the fact that it is summer and I had been swimming a few times and the sensor was on my thigh so had been rubbing against my shorts and clothes and I have been sweating. I don't think I can really blame the adhesive. They did replace it though because I had only gotten 5 days out of it. In general I can count on at least 14 days and sometimes far more than that. Record for me so far is 25 days. That was also on my thigh.

Clare, do you cut a hole in the flexifix for the sensor? I usually do, but wondering if it’s necessary as these Dexcom covers go over entire sensor. Also, I’m thinking that maybe covering the whole sensor will prevent it hooking on things and lifting up as mine always seems to do when I place them anywhere but my abdomen. Cheers Cheryl

Hey Cheryl, yes I do cut a hole in the flexifix for the sensor. While the Dexcom covers look appealing, they also cost a fortune. I suppose you could leave the entire sheet of flexifix intact without cutting a hole and it might stop you from catching it on things. Whatever works I guess.