Anyone feel unsupported by spouse?


Oh this makes me terribly sad!!! My husband isn’t super suppprtive so I feel your frustration but abuse is NEVER okay. You deserve better!!!

It’s NOT your fault that you are a T1D! You are perfectly made and you are enough. You’ve been given this “mountain” to show others it CAN be moved!

I highly recommend getting some counseling. Do you have any support network outside of your husband? Are you on a pump/CGM? I’m on the newest Medtronic and haven’t had any crazy lows. It’s a remarkable pump.

Please continue to reach out to this group. We understand your pain and frustration!!


Nobody deserves to be mistreated like this. If someone really loves you they will realize that you may not have control over these things and be supportive. Maybe we can help you with strategies to reduce your lows. I’ve found that a CGM can make a huge difference and that working to reduce my variability can have a huge impact.


Oh god, Mindy this sounds terrible. Are you ok, do you have anyone you can call or go to?


Please please know that we are here and listening, and concerned for you. Do you have a friend or someone nearby that you can reach out to? If you’re feeling that terrible, isolation is the worst even if it makes it hard to want to see anyone. In any case do please stay in touch here and let us know how you’re doing.

And once the immediate crisis has settled down a bit it would be good to hear what your treatment regimen is like so we can be helpful with the lows and all that. There are lots of compassionate and knowledgable people here who can help you! Meanwhile, I’m sending my best thoughts to you. However dark it looks right now there are good things ahead–been through it and I know. You’ll get through this!


Mindy – As others have already said, physical abuse is never Ok. And it’s not your fault. Please seek out someone you can talk to, face to face, or at least over the phone. A friend, relative, or a member of the clergy could help.

If I were you, I would concentrate on the relationship issues first and then the diabetes. In the meantime, keep an emergency source of sugar nearby and check your glucose with a meter a little more frequently.

I’m so sorry you are under this pressure. Try to be kind with yourself and please reach out to someone you can talk with. Good luck and come back here. We have many years of experience treating diabetes and will be happy to help you deal with your diabetes challenges.



First, you sound like the victim of domestic abuse. Please call 800-799-SAFE - The National Domestic Violence Hotline to receive some professional guidance to help you.

Second, as others have said, it’s not your fault that you have T1D, not your fault that you have lows, not your fault that they have suddenly become more of a concern. T1D is a very dynamic disease, rarely the same from day-to-day, so your ability to respond has to be dynamic as well.

Please keep us posted, many here have been through some mighty struggles as they fight against a chronic disease that never takes a break. We will offer you some strategies and support.


I feel for all those suffering silent dieases . My brother almost died from chronns diease which has no known cause or cure and he gets people saying " oh so thats like ibs right ? " .


Mindy6, are things going better for you?? I hope you were able to get the help and support you need!!


I’m with you on this one.