Anyone flown with no prescription labels?

In Germany, Greece and possibly other European countries the pharmacy does not put any type of prescription label on. You just get the medication in its original packaging, without so much as a slip of paper saying “NovoRapid - Your Name Here”. I’ll be flying back to the US in a couple of months for the first time since moving overseas and I’ll have inhalers, insulin, pump stuff, pills… and not one single thing has my name on it or anyway to prove it’s legally prescribed to me. Surely Europeans with prescriptions must travel. How is this handled with security in the US or at Heathrow? Anyone know?

I should add that I DO have copies (not originals) of the actual prescriptions (in German, of course). Maybe I should tape them onto the insulin vials and inhalers, lol?!

I flew in October with syringes and R insulin which I buy without a prescription. I had the pharmacy label with the syringes which included my doctor’s name and phone number, but no one paid any attention to them checking me out. Probably because I’m the kind of invisible middle aged lady everyone ignores–the ones that if we decided to do it probably could pull off some pretty intense terrorist plots given how invisible we are.

We just take along the original Dr written RX although in Finland they do put RX labels on. Not once in the 6 years I’ve been here and going home for a visit, have any of my daughters supplies including in the past at least a box of syringes, or my meds ever been checked. Even the epi pens I have don’t rate an eyeblink. LOL

I actually fly all the time without labels (and I fly A LOT). For insulin, I make sure at least one vial is in its original packaging, but generally I keep everything together and if anyone asks I make it clear that I have diabetes. Usually the pump attached to my hip helps on that point.